Spam Commenting, Do Follow and KeywordLuv – No More!

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It is with regret that I have to inform you that I have made the – very hard – decision today to turn off the “Do Follow” I had going on my comment section, after having it going on my site for over 4 years.

I have been so swamped with spam comments and absolute rubbish, hard to read, senseless remarks (which weren’t even picked up by Akismet!)  and I will no longer put up with it. I am sorry if all of you honest readers of my blog will have to suffer because of it, but unfortunately there seem to be more dishonest spammers out there than you good guys!

Angry Blogger

I have had enough!

At the same time I will be removing KeywordLuv, because I think the combination of both DoFollow and KeywordLuv (and partnered with CommentLuv) was giving away too much – sadly. I don’t understand why people have to use and abuse a service like that which a fellow internet marketer provides them for their benefit.

“Rave !! Rant !!!” I just have to vent a little. I am an angry bird today!

So, after turning off these plugins – what’s still there to get you to comment on my blog? Well, hopefully some more great posts from yours truly in the future! (After slacking off for such a long time) 😉 I will also leave CommentLuv installed, so whenever you leave a comment you will get to display your recent posts from your own blog. Also, you will still be able to link your name to your blog, even though it will not be “followed” any more, it is still a link that visitors can click through and end up on your blog.

Apart from that, I have decided to bite the bullet and invest into a seriously good plugin that will on one hand increase the engagement with my readers, and at the same time add more spam protection to my blog. Lots of people had some great results with this plugin, and because it encourages social networking, it is also good for your Google rankings! Which plugin am I talking about? – Well, just bear with me, because I will write up a separate post about it very shortly!

Meanwhile I would appreciate your comments about the whole comment spam issue. Are you experiencing it, too? If so, what is your solution?

Talk soon,

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  1. @MichaelLSR says:

    Must have been a really annoying hassle. Finding a good plugin can take some trial and error.

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