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You know, I have been trying so hard to make money on the Internet, that I sometimes even haven’t got any time for my friends. That’s pretty awful, isn’t it? So I think no matter what you do, you need some sort of balance in your life.

So I went out to a girlfriends house tonight and we had a fantastic “girls night in”, and it was sooooo much fun, just what I had missed for such a long time. And guess what – I didn’t spend a minute in front of the computer up until now! (It is 1:35 am).

I bet you that I will get more done tomorrow now that I had some “time off”! I have got week 3 of John’s Coaching Program to get through…

So long,


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  1. Good luck. I am trying to work online all the time but between my family and work it can be stressful.

  2. Vernice says:

    Fortunately I have the same problem with you too. My job is in working in front of a computer typing because i am encoder and at home I’m a freelancer. I only sleep always for 5 hours just to work, work and work. Poor me.. anyway this is a reminder for me that i have to seat back and relax sometimes also.. However I’m afraid I can’t do it this weekend because I still have lot of things to do..


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