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An avatar is an image that is representing a person on the internet. You don’t need it, but it is great to see the avatars of other people you might chat with in discussion or help forums, on message boards, or who might be members on the same membership sites as you. Or take Twitter, nearly everybody has an avatar!

You can have different avatars for different forums or sites. You can have a real photo of yourself as avatar, or you can have a cartoon figure, a flower, a monster… really, whatever you want. But I have to tell you, as first impression counts, you should always think about how you want to come across to the other users or members of the site that is going to display your avatar. You might want to use a completely different avatar for posting on Internet Marketing forums than on Games forums, for example.

How to create an avatar was a bit of a problem for me at the beginning of my Internet Endeavors. You probably know that avatars are usually a very specific, and very small, size. I had a picture I wanted to use, but I had no idea how to convert it into a extremely small version. I had a fellow forum user at the time who offered to do it for me, so that’s what I did, and he sent the avatar back to me and I have been using it since.

Because I like to do things myself though, I started searching for how to create an avatar myself, and I came across this really great article on Squidoo which explains it really well. It is so simple!

Avatar Sizer Download

Avatar Sizer Download

Here is what I did after reading that article: I downloaded  Avatar Sizer and created my first Avatar! But to be honest, the download page was a bit confusing, so I have taken a screenshot of it to show you exactly where you have to press to download your Avatar Sizer!

So here are my old and my new Avatars!


Old Avatar

New Avatar

New Avatar

Happy “Avatar Creating”!

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  1. jim says:

    this is great.thanks for sharing.
    its useful.

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