WordPress – How to upgrade your version automatically

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WordPress - How to upgrade

WordPress - How to upgrade

Since becoming an “addicted” and happy user of WordPress, how to upgrade to the newest versions was the one thing that kept worrying me. I mean, when you start out with your very first WordPress blog, you are usually so glad to have made it, until those little yellow bars start showing up in your wp-admin area, telling you that “WordPress 2.6.3 or else is available! Please update now!”.

You start clicking around, searching for the best way on how to upgrade… just to discover that upgrading to the newest version might actually require a little more technical knowledge than what you will be able to give! (Ahem – this is for all those people out there like me – techno-phobic, because that is how I felt when confronted with the instructions on how to upgrade my current WordPress version).

First time I decided to go the safe way and used my hosting company D9, who actually provide an upgrade service for a small one-time fee per upgrade. Worked perfectly! Everything was fine. Until a few weeks later – you guessed it – the next version of WordPress became available! Huh!

Now, WordPress seems to churn out new versions quite regularly, so upgrading manually every time can become quite a chore. But on the other hand, you really should always have the latest version running (or so they say everywhere).

Just when I was about to pay again for another upgrade, I stumbled across a WordPress upgrade plugin called “WordPress Automatic Upgrade“. Now, after installing it on my blog (the very same you are reading now – yes, I have the latest version! 😉 ) I have to say that this is really the way to go for all of you out there who are struggling a little with the technical side of things. If you can upload a plugin, you can upgrade your blog automatically with this nifty little tool!

If you follow the instructions on the WordPress Automatic Upgrade website, you will be fine. It does require just a bit more than your usual “upload plugin, then activate through your wp-admin”, as you will have to follow some installation steps after activating it to start the first upgrade, but if you follow the steps (and they are not hard, I could do it, so you can, too!), you will be fine.

I suggest reading through the Description, Installation and FAQ on the Plugin’s homepage, and then simply do it. I find this tool one of the most useful plugins for WordPress I have discovered so far.

WordPress: How to upgrade your version automatically!

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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great writing.

  2. Lapel Pins says:

    Thank you thank you! Just getting to learn wordpress, everyone – this writeup is very helpful!

    • Petra Weiss says:

      @Lapel Pins, I think when you set up your WordPress blog now there is actually an automatic upgrade included within the dashboard.

  3. @Petra, you’re absolutely right. Within the wordpress control panel it’ll now ask if you want to upgrade to the newest version.

  4. Connor Bell says:

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  5. Ben says:

    WordPress is obviously the smart choice, as its free and can be easily edited if you have little knowledge in designing. There are lot of great looking templates available for free on the internet. I dint knew that there is option for automatic upgrade, have to have a look at it. Nice post thanks for sharing.

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