WordPress 2.7 – The Beast Unleashed!

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WordPress 2.7 - The Beast Unleashed

WordPress 2.7 - The Beast Unleashed

Hi all, today I just wanted to put up a quick post about the widely anticipated, talked about (and feared – by me, too!) brand new version WordPress 2.7. I haven’t even done any keyword research on this, and I am just writing what comes to my mind! 😉

I logged on just a few short days ago, and there it was, the yellow nag line saying “Wordpres 2.7 is available! Please update now!” – ME???  Update to something so unknown??? NEVER! – Maybe later…..:o

Well, as it so happened, I just changed hosting on my website http://www.mybeachdecor.com, and I was in the middle of converting it into a WordPress blog, so I thought – why not, let’s do everything up-to-date! So once I had the blog up and running (and yes, I had the yellow nag line up!), I decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 and give it a test drive!

As I am quite clever though – you must have noticed that already!?! 😉 – of course I “plugged in” the wonderful plugin “WordPress Automatic Upgrade” first. Didn’t want to get caught with my pants down, did I? So off I went, installed the plugin, activated it, and pressed [“Click Here” to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to the latest Version]. So far this has always worked very well for me without problems.

To be honest, with all the talk about WordPress 2.7 I all but expected to feel disabled and lost with the new version. But guess what – it’s not as bad as you think! If you have been a user of WordPress for a little while, you should have no problems at all. Sure, the layout has changed a bit and things are swapped around. We will have to get used to the left hand navigation, but hey, everything can still be found where it is supposed to be, and truth to be told, I think it’s quite a nice layout, and it won’t be a problem at all to adjust to it.

WordPress 2.7 - not so beasty after all

WordPress 2.7 - not so beasty after all

What about all the “Changes”? Well, there is a great post about them all HERE, and I am sure they will come in handy in the future, but for starters there is absolutely no reason to be put off by the new version, and it might actually be quite exciting to have more features and possibilities to work with and choose from. And we don’t have to know them all straight away, either. We can simply keep learning over time!

So, go ahead and “tackle” the Beast!

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