Where have I been???

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Where has Petra been?

Where has Petra been?

I thought I needed to write this post today to let you all know why I haven’t really updated my blog with proper content for (…–I have to check this right now….–) almost 2 weeks; 2 weeks??? Is that all??? For some reason it feels a lot longer LOL!

It’s nothing special, nothing exciting has happened, all I am doing right now is trying to get the tax back on track for the food retail businesses my partner and I run. And believe me, it takes a lot of time! So, because we are quite a bit behind in our tax returns, I had to start focusing on that rather than providing you with great content and something new to read every few days (even though that is obviously something I would MUCH rather do!!). I had to start learning bookkeeping and have a lot of data entry to do right now!

I have also decided to practice what I preach and that is – don’t keep jumping from one thing to the next, but focus on one task or program and get productive. Now, I have been doing John Thornhills Coaching Program – which goes for 16 weeks – for more than half a year now (I can hear you all calculating!!!), and I am just about half way through HAH! Because this is not such a great achievement, I decided to cut the c**p and spend every free minute I have – apart from bookkeeping, that is – on getting through this coaching program.

But don’t despair – I have a new post in the making (seems like it’s not that easy to give up old habits of doing too many things at once 😉 ), and it is about how to hide affiliate links like the pros! Hopefully you will like it when I finish it off!

That’s me for today, now you know where I have been, it’s again nearly 12am here and I am off to bed (I do sleep occasionally!).

Over and Out.

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  1. Regine says:

    Does John Thornhill offers some class online, like webinars?
    How is your studies so far? Did you already finished it?
    I want to know about your experience with his teaching cos I am interested. Thank you so much

    Regine recently posted…Ceinture de sudationMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Regine, John Thornhill is an excellent coach, and if you “Google” him I am sure you will coma across some very good training courses. I did finish his course, finished my ebook and this blog was actually the one I set up through his course at the time – my first ever blog! I am doing well, but after I was finished with Johns training a couple of years or so back I ventured out by myself, so I cannot tell you what’s happening with John at the moment. But whatever you find of him will be of great value, I can assure you.
      This is the course I did with himin 2008/9 and it is fantastic, you learn an incredible amount of stuff: John Thornhill Masterclass

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