What is Bum Marketing?

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Bum Marketing is a term that has been buzzing around the Internet Marketing community for a while, but some of you might not be quite sure what it means.

It is quite simple, really:

You are doing “Bum Marketing” when you are writing extremely keyword optimized articles or ads to promote affiliate products. Your sole purpose when writing articles or ads is to try and get them on page 1 of the Google search for the keyword they are optimized for, so you can get maximum exposure and maximum traffic, and therefore have the best chance of making a sale.

It is called “Bum Marketing” because Travis’ wife (Travis Sago is the man behind the Bum Marketing Method) thinks “it is so easy that you could basically take a bum off the street and have him earning cash within a week”. Plus, the Bum Marketing Method does not cost you anything at all, you can do it all for free! (You might want to consider signing up with USFreeAds for $6.99/month as he outlines in his guide).

I did sign up for Travis’s free report on how to exactly do Bum Marketing, and I have to say it is a great guide with a lot to learn about article marketing. I think it has a tremendous value for anybody struggeling to make money online. It helped me to understand a lot more about keyword research and how to structure my articles and ads.

Here is proof that the method works like a charm:

I had found a fish eBook on Clickbank which I thought might be worth promoting. When I did my keyword marketing research, the following keyword phrase came up within the guidlines Travis sets up in his report:

“Learn how to build a pond for koi fish”

So what I did was go ahead and wrote an ad on USFreeAds centered around this search term, just like Travis shows in the videos that accompany his report (yep, videos!).

This is what happened over time:

No. 1 on Google with the Bum Marketing Method

No. 1 on Google with the Bum Marketing Method

Pretty impressive, huh? I think so, anyway! This ad is getting a lot of visitors now, of course, some of which have converted into sales. So if you can rinse and repeat this method, you can really set yourself up nicely! And because I did decide to spend the $6.99/month on USFreeAds, I have not had to think about this ad since I put it up. Now that’s what I am talking about!

So, please, do yourself a favor and go over to the Bum Marketing Method, read what Travis has to say, and go ahead and get the free report! (I let you in on a little secret, for those of you who can’t stand the thought of another eBook to get through: this report is only 3 pages long – 3 pages!). So, off you go, and I would like to hear from you what you think!;)

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