The ultimate alternative to selling your ebooks on eBay!

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Convert your eBook to a book

You might have read in one or two of my earlier posts that I am doing a 16 week coaching program with eBay PowerSeller John Thornhill (planetsms). I am really making great progress, and what John has to offer is of great value to me and has always been of superior quality. I do highly recommend any of his products, because I am working with the guy and know what he can teach! So today I wanted to let you know about his newest eBook – it is called “eBook 2 Book“.

John started to think about possible other ways to sell his information products after eBay decided to ban the sale of digitally delivered goods back in July this year. If you were selling your own eBooks on eBay, you might have been hit hard by their policy change…. 🙁

What he came up with first was to simply turn his eBooks into interactive CD’s. Quite easy, really!

But that wasn’t all. John has actually found another way of selling and profiting from his eBooks, and that is by converting them into books. Real books. And you know what? You can sell books on ebay all day long, because they are physical and not digital. – But that is still not all.

On top of that, John figured out a way to sell his physical books via online bookstores like Amazon. The way that happens is that when one of his books is sold, it is then printed and distributed automatically. So John doesn’t have to do anything at all – but spend the money from his book sales! Quite unbelievable, really.

And because John really likes to help others achieve success, he now has created a video series showing you step by step how you can do exactly the same. You can have your first book ready to go within an hour if you follow his advice!

To top it all off, you will also be shown how you can add your book to the big online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones for free!

I think this is a brilliant way to gain more credibility and more exposure in your field (c’mon, let’s face it, most of us still think that a “real” book author is more of the “real deal” than “just” an ebook author… or am I wrong???), and to have another product for sale to earn more money.

If you can imagine seeing your book for sale on Amazon, this is the best way to achieve it.

eBook2Book – The ultimate alternative to selling your eBooks on ebay

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