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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Guys, I don’t want to bore you with all my Twitter posts, but I am just a big fan and every time I find something interesting that will help with Twittering, I will just post it! I also found this post in my “Drafts” folder and thought – why not use it even though it might be a bit of a repeat of a previous post. I have added a couple more logos here, though! 🙂 So here it goes (my “Draft”):

Are you a “Tweeter”, “Twitterer” or “Tweiro”? In plain English: Have you become a Twitter Bird and joined Twitter and are happily tweeting away? If not, I think you should!

Twitter is one cool social networking site, and if you are in Internet Marketing, you should be on Twitter (I outlined the way Twitter works in this post). I have also made another post featuring some great Twitter Logos). I have been on Twitter now for maybe a couple of months and have come to love it! There are quite a few top internet marketing gurus on there, too, and you can simply follow them and find out what they are doing by reading their tweets and updates. This alone can be very useful, trust me!

Of course you want to have as many followers as possible for yourself, because the more Tweeters are following you, the more traffic you will ultimately get for your website. You can, for example, follow a lot of people yourself, and quite often the people you follow will return the favor and follow you, too.

You can also put a little sign on your website that will show your readers that they can follow you on Twitter if they like! So if somebody lands on your site and thinks it’s worth while (you have to make sure it is ;)), they can then straight away click on your “Follow me on Twitter” button on your site and follow you just like that no problem.

I have looked for the nicest Twitter Bird Logos on the Internet which you could add to your site to spruce it up and get your Twitter Following under way (Twitter Bird Logos).

Just in the last few days I have come across another few sites with good Twitter Bird Logos, so I wanted to share them with you, too:

The Design Super Hero

My TweetSpace

My TweetSpace let’s you brand your Twitter Profile, as well, even though I can’t tell you yet how good it will come out – I have tried to upload my new profile from TweetSpace a few times and seem to have an upload problem. Might just be me, though LOL!

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  1. Sandra says:

    I came across your post searching for “twitter logo” as I was looking for graphic arts that can be used on my son’s project.

    It saved me a lot of searching. Thanks 🙂
    .-= [email protected] Blog´s last blog ..Is “Sugar-Free” Healthy for a Dog? =-.

  2. HI. i used to have a little icon of a bird on the top of my screen & it would turn blue whenever i got a tweet.
    .-= Search Engine Optimization Services´s last blog ..Web design and SEO: integral part of internet marketing =-.

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