The Internet Marketers Trap

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When you start out on the Internet, trying to make money online, it is so easy to be completely overwhelmed by all the information you are receiving.

On one hand it is a great situation to be in, to see all these opportunities opening up and to be able to pick and choose the ones you think have to most potential to get you where you want to be.

On the other hand, exactly because of this flood of information and opportunities, many, many people fail in making money online straight before they even really start.


Because they don’t take action! They don’t take action because they are literally shocked into inaction by the amount of information out there. Many before have already fallen into the trap, and unfortunately many more will follow still. it is called “Information Overload”.

When information overload happens, it can be that

  • you delay making decisions
  • you make rash decisions and therefore maybe wrong decisions
  • you make no decision at all
  • you do not work actively on creating an income!

It is like you have become trapped in a flood of information that has no destination and makes you swim around in circles, if it doesn’t let you drown altogether.

Well, guess what the most important thing is if you are in this situation:

You must take action! The majority of people never make any money online because they don’t take action on the information they have, or they give up too quickly. PLEASE don’t become one of them! – It took me quite a while to figure that out, I was a great reader/learner and “no or little action taker”.

But how do you act if you have so much information and can’t decide what to go for, you ask? There is no easy way out – you will simply have to take the plunge (hint: take action!) and make a decision on ONE program/plan/product that sounds good to you, and then ACT on it. Focus. Follow through. ACT.

If you have too many choices of what you could be doing, make the decision easier by first picking out 3 – 5 things you are really interested in doing. DO it! Then you can narrow it down to one (yes, one!). Then TAKE ACTION and make that one work.

It is great to read all the information on how to earn money online, there is just so much valuable input out there and you can learn tremendously from it, but still it will get you only so far. You have got to DO something about that information.

So, simply ACT on it. I say simply, because in the end it is simple.

Whatever you get into, you will only achieve success by taking action. Simple. Small step by small step.

Find out the difference it will make in your life if you become an ACTION TAKER.

I would like to hear whether you have been in the “information overload” trap, and what you did to get yourself out. I bet you it was simply taking action and doing something!

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