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This is the first post of a short series I want to do on Free Website Tools. On my (sometimes expensive) journey through online marketing I came accross a few webmaster tools that I found extremely useful and invaluable over time, and one of the best things about them is that they are all for free. I want to share them here with you, just because I am such a nice girl ( 😉 )


If you are in the game of making money through the Internet, you very likely have one (or more!) websites or blogs up and running, trying to earn some revenue with them. To be successful in the world of Internet Marketing it is also essential to monitor your traffic:

  • how many visitors do your websites get per day?
  • where are these visitors coming from, i.e. through which channels are they getting to your site?
  • are all these visitors “new”, or do you have returning visitors (meaning something is working!)
  • are these visitors just looking at one page of your site, or are they actually browsing
  • etc.

Thankfully there are some great free website tools you can get to monitor all these statistics and to see where your blog is heading. I personally use a specific website tool on all of my websites, it is called “Free Hit Counter” from Bravenet. I have got it on this blog, too (at the bottom of the right side bar)!

With the free hit counter – which you can choose yourself, by the way, there are many options – I can see exactly how many visitors my blog has per day, and check all the other stats by clicking on the counter. I find this tool very cool! Bravenet has got many other free website tools available (and also some pretty cool paid ones!), just have a browse, I am sure there are a few more that might be interesting; I have only used the hit counter so far.

It is really worth checking it out, if you haven’t got it already.

P.S. My hit counter just went up by 1!

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