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A couple of days ago I received an email in my inbox promoting the new free WordPress plugin SEO Power; it is supposed to improve your site’s Google ranking and bring in more traffic.

Naturally curious, I had to check out the site, of course! And I am a bit of a sucker for plugins, especially free ones… 😉

After downloading and activating the plugin (you will get video instructions on how to do this, if you should not know), I have to say that I am really impressed with the features! I think Mark Dulisse has done a great job with this plugin. It will make your SEO so much easier. I especially like the list of suggested plugins (for SEO purposes) you get within your wp-admin after installing the plugin 😉 (told you, – I’m a plugin-sucker!). I was very surprised that out of a list of 13 suggested plugins for SEO improvement I had only 2 installed!!!

I am not going into what this plugin will do for you – you can read all about it on the SEO Power website -, but I will attach a few screenshots from within my blog so  you can see what it will look like.

My suggestion is for you to get the plugin – you will not regret it. I can’t tell you any results yet – I had it only installed for a day so far, I need to give it a little bit of time – but I have no doubt that it will work.

This is just a little gem I couldn’t let pass you by! BTW – if you click on the screenshots, you will be able to have a better look at them.

SEO Power

SEO Power Dashboard

SEO Power 2

SEO Power Dashboard

SEO Power Keywords

SEO Power Keywords

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  1. hospitalera says:

    Hi Petra,

    Thanks for the info, I will test drive on a new site I have. I will come back and tell you how it went! SY
    hospitalera recently posted…Make Money with the Market Samurai Affiliate ProgramMy Profile

    • alex says:

      It seems an interesting plugin
      how does it compare to all in one seo?

      • Petra Weiss says:

        I think both plugins are great for overall SEO purposes. Either one will do the trick – I have them installed together at the moment but I am not so sure whether that’s such a great idea. I think just working with one will be best, doesn’t really matter which one.

  2. Tia says:

    Petra – Awesome! I will have to check it out now. I’ll add it to the list of SEO techniques (I suppose this will be a tool) that I am going to check out. Thanks!

    Tia recently posted…SEO Techniques Reviewed:, Day 4My Profile

  3. Mike Helton says:

    Hey Petra,

    I’m like you in that I like to use plugins and when I see a new one, I just have to check it out…I’ll be checking this out too.

    I have several blog sites and I try to experiment with plugins to see how effective they are. Usually I have no problems with them but occasionally, I find that some plugins are not compatible with other ones.

    I think I have about a dozen working on my sites now and all seem to be working like they should.

    Thanks for the info on this one.

    Mike Helton recently posted…Why Some Marketers Fail at List Marketing…Part 2My Profile

  4. Todd says:

    This SEO POWER WordPress plugin contains a unique “SEO Suggestions” section where Mark will list All of the Optimization and Automation plugins that I use on Every single internet site I create! Nearly like I’m proper there over your shoulder!

  5. Maya says:

    I’d like to get my new little blog Daily Vitamin Sea off the ground…, it’s been going for about 2 months, but visitor wise it’s in the same range as it was a month before. Do I have to wait 6 months to see improvement (sandbox issue)? I do have an SEO plugin installed…, have to check out this one. I’m curious how it’s going to work for you!!
    Maya recently posted…The South Coast of EnglandMy Profile

  6. This plugin is very popular among bloggers using WordPress. This can help gain PR by manipulating the keywords for every post. It’s good you have it on your blog.

  7. A good SEO technique is a skill set you develop for occasional use. A bad SEO technique is something you feel like you have to do every time you create a page. For example, last week I suggested people stop using keywords in their title tags. Most of the comments I saw around the Web concerning that tip were tentatively accepting. A few people claimed it was just bad advice.

  8. Rachael says:

    Even a kid can get started blogging on, its that easy. If blogging is your only passion, and you have no idea about what HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP, MySQL is, and you do not want to waste your time backing up, upgrading and worrying about blog security – get a blog today.

  9. Pete says:

    I use wordpress. Because WordPress is such a popular blogging platform, it’s easy to find developers to work on it. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that WordPress is written in PHP — the most popular programming language on the planet!

  10. Peter Davies says:

    Thanks I’ll give that a go. Ive been off the blogging lately, need to get back into it

    Hows your IM stuff going?
    Peter Davies recently posted…Reasons Why Email Marketing is Better Than Print AdvertisingMy Profile

  11. Scott Brim says:

    Please Do post your results with the plug in either as a comment in this blog or in a separate post. so that ppl can understand the worthiness of this plugin. Thanx for the info .

  12. Massage site says:

    You won’t ever need to go searching for any other tools — right now you can get your hands on the most complete set of effective SEO software that is absolutely enough to achieve and maintain top traffic–generating positions in any search engine.

  13. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Petra
    I use the SEO plugin that I’m guessing most people use… All in one SEO.
    This one sounds good and I will go over to the plugin site and take a look.
    I’d advise anyone interested in SEO to do a lot of reading on SEO generally and then see how the plugins apply the basic principles to a WordPress site.
    One of the big problems with wordpress is “duplicate content”, which generally dosen’t apply to a basic html site.

    Thanks for the heads up Petra
    Keith Davis recently posted…A splash of colourMy Profile

  14. Joe says:

    I would love to here about your results with this plugin Petra. Did you use any other SEO plugin prior to installing “SEO Power” in order to compare results?

    At present I use the All In One Seo Plugin.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Joe, I did not use anything else before. Just a few plugins “all over the place”, but nothing on SEO.

      • Vance says:

        Hi Petra,

        I was going to ask you the same question because I’d be very interested how this plug in compares with All in One SEO.

        Now that I know you haven’t used it I’ll be waiting to see what results this new plug brings you.

        I must say that I try to use the most important plug ins only and feel no temptation to try them all.

        Thanks for sharing.

        Vance recently posted…Learn How To Build Your Email List Using Online GiveawaysMy Profile

  15. Spode says:

    Thanks Petra,
    Your article post is really very nice. I’m a Seo analyst and fully satisfied with your tips for Seo you mentioned above. I will do same as you said to do and i hope it will make my Seo task easy. Thanks for all once again. Keep updating like that.

  16. nick says:

    I have been only using allinoneseo plugin in my wordpress blog but never heard about any other good SEO plugin.

    But as you said and posted about this plugin so i would love to use it! Let me see what changes and benefits i can get from it!

    Also i would love to know that can i use both the plugins , allinoneseo and SEOpower, or i need to disable one of them always?

    Anyhow, i have bookmarked you and even love to follow comments on this..

  17. josechukkiri says:

    Being a newbie in the field of making money online, I am much eager to get this type of postings. I am looking for resources to promote my blogs in wordpress as wellas in blogger. I appreciate your endeavor to enrich thousands of bloggers like me.
    josechukkiri recently posted…It is not rightMy Profile

  18. i have heard about this. I need to look into it. I am new to your blog and have found it very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more from you!

  19. Anna says:

    NEAT! Thanks for the tip! All i’m using right now is All in One SEO and it’s a little overwhelming to keep track of everything. I’ll give this a try. 🙂 Thanks, really!
    Anna recently posted…Herpes Natural CuresMy Profile

  20. ownlimited says:

    hi. whether this plugin can be installed in wp2.9. thanks, I wait for the answer
    ownlimited recently posted…Never annoy anyone with any kind of e-mailMy Profile

  21. Stewart says:

    Great post…I’ve been looking for some WP specific SEO information.
    One question though, will allowing the bots to index my RSS feed hurt or benefit my rankings? Should I be excluding the feeds directory with robots.txt?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Stewart, to this day I am not really comfortable with how rss feeds work and how it all ties together – so I am the wrong person to ask. Can anyone answer this?

  22. I have not given up on the description tag just yet. I add it to WP. I think creating your own description to be used on the search results page is a good idea also. It allows you to control the text the searcher sees.

  23. Steve says:

    Thanks for the tip Petra, and please share your improved results later on as well. I also love plug-ins of the free type! I’ll have to try it out.

  24. Glenn Torres says:

    I will have to test this. I use some other SEO plug-in, I think it’s the Platinum SEO plugin. Any hard numbers on the results? ie, before traffic and after traffic.


    Glenn Torres recently posted…Bad Credit HomeLoansMy Profile

  25. Samir says:

    Going by the screenshots and description, I’m definitely going to try out this plugin. Thanks for the review 🙂

    BTW why are there two “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” checkboxes?
    Samir recently posted…WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINEMy Profile

  26. Amanda says:

    While plugins are indeed indispensable in bringing in functionality and at the same time helping a blogger’s cause esp. in terms of traffic and rank, it seems to me that a plugin worth $197 is over the top unless it’s an expensive SEO software.

    Although, I’m not saying anything against its effectiveness, but I would appreciate some improvements in your in stats (figures) about your usage if so possible in the future, but thanks for sharing anyways.
    Amanda recently posted…3 Best Alternative Means of Coping with UnemploymentMy Profile

  27. Gouri says:

    Will try it out on one of my new sites 🙂
    Gouri recently posted…WordPress Themes – Beware of Encrypted FooterMy Profile

  28. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for this free plugin! When it comes to SEO we could all use a little bit of extra help. It’s even better when that help doesn’t have a pricetag.

  29. James says:

    To be honest, the name of this plugin screamed “SCAM” at first glance. But upon closer assessment, it’s really a gem. Internal links have become increasingly important in SEO efforts, and having a tool like this that can automatically generate them based on your traffic logs is impressive. Just remember that this is no substitute for conventional SEO, which means link building and more link building.
    James recently posted…Where to Buy Nail Polish Display RackMy Profile

  30. Alan says:

    SEO Power seems to be better than All In One SEO. At least for a beginner.
    Alan recently posted…Fast Weight Loss Diets ConfusionMy Profile

  31. Alex says:

    interesting plugin
    i use al in one seo but i will try also this one

  32. Alex says:

    All sites dont working now. Petra Weiss, Where else I can download plugin?

  33. I just went though the suggested list and I was missing some too. I thought the back up one was a definite need,

  34. Seb says:

    I’m just starting my second website and have been using All in one SEO. Now i see there is a Platinum one as well. Not being very computer savvy, I get confused as to what these actually do.
    Seb recently posted…Palm Tree Decor AccessoriesMy Profile

  35. Scott says:

    Hey thanks for the heads up on the cool plugin. I’ve really only ever used All-In-One. Looking forward to seeing what this can do.

  36. Jean says:

    Seems like a great tool, Shall try it out. Thanks for sharing Petra!
    Jean recently posted…Breville BJE510 900 Watts JuicerMy Profile

  37. That one is the complete package. Definitely saves me some time.

  38. Amanda says:

    T’was a bit tricky attempting to track down the plugin. Had to close the page inorder to trigger the exit pop. Look forward to see how it goes for my rankings. Ta for the write up.
    Amanda recently posted…Response cached until Wed 4 @ 14:04 GMT (Refreshes in 23.95 Hours)My Profile

  39. Seb says:

    Thanks Petra, I’m still figuring out the ins and outs of keywords and their importance in posts etc. man this stuff isn’t easy. Having fun though, just had my first ezine article “published”. Thanks again for all the useful information
    Seb recently posted…Palm Tree Decor AccessoriesMy Profile

  40. Sam Muller says:

    All well just want to say that uising Multiple SEO Plugins May Affect Your SERP’s in All Search Engines Due To Different Tweaks Performed By The SEO Plugins..
    Sam Muller recently posted…Greed is the only snake you cannot charm- just be aware of its ugly existence!My Profile

  41. It sounds like a very good plugin to have. I will take a good look at it and probably try it out myself.

  42. I was using some other plugin hope this will be better than rest

  43. Seb says:

    Hi Petra, as you are my internet guru, if you have time why do my backlinks seem to go up then drop off a lot? Thanks
    Seb recently posted…Palm Tree Decor AccessoriesMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Seb, I am not sure whether you are trying to be top commentator on some blogs – because if you do that, once you achieve top commentator, you will have lots of backlinks, basically from every page/post on that particular blog, but as soon as you drop off the top commentator list, those links will disappear. Is that what you are trying to do?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Seb, also, most blog owners who have the top commentator plugin installed have it set to re-set at the beginning of a new month. That means at the beginning of a new month your backlinks will disappear, and you will have to keep commenting to appear and stay again on the top commentator list.

  44. jhon says:

    Every SEO needs such a plug-ins and I am also in this category. I will also go for it.
    jhon recently posted…Maigrir en Santé !My Profile

  45. Tom says:

    Really good guide! I allways use your early guide when I´m set up a new blog but now could I use this 😀 !

    I don´t like the “link to me textbox plugin”. It´s okey at your blog and/or at other SEO-blogs or blogs about internet and stuff but I don´t like it.

    Like it when it´s cleaned up from that crap… Content is king. Clean is king. Natural linking is king 😀 .

    (But as I say, at your blog it actually fit in…)

  46. Thez says:

    SEO Power is a new WordPress plugin on the block that will help increase your search rankings and simplify SEO in WordPress.

  47. Seb says:

    Hi Petra,

    Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t trying to be top commentator. I had no idea there was such a thing. I comment on about four blogs, only because I am learning from them or because I find them interesting in some other way. Thanks for explaining this to me. All the best.

  48. Spode says:

    Many Thanks for this free plugin! I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the latest stuff you post.

  49. I added seo power to my blog and I really like how it works. I disabled the all in one seo tool. Can you use them together?

  50. Sean says:

    Thanks Petra!

    I can see this works differently from the other SEO plugins such as platinum SEO and all-in-one SEO Pack. Will definitely try this out. Thanks for the heads-up!
    Sean recently posted…How I get a lot of retweetsMy Profile

  51. Ayanda says:

    Great post…I’ve been looking for some WP specific SEO information.
    One question though, will allowing the bots to index my RSS feed hurt or benefit my rankings? Should I be excluding the feeds directory with robots.txt?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I have to be really honest with you here – RSS feeds are one of the few things in the world of blogs and websites that I have to this day not really understood. So I can’t give you an answer! Maybe one of my other readers can?

  52. I have used platenium SEO I will try this now to see the difference Thanks for great blog

  53. Can You suggest some free software for SEO of non wordpress websites

  54. I want to integrate facebook to my website suggest some plugin

  55. Suggest me some way to get permanent back link on front page of the website other than top commenter

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Write to the website owner and suggest a link exchange on the home page. It’s always worth a try, sometimes you can get lucky. Just don’t spam.

  56. Kurt says:

    As with many of the other comments here, I use AIO SEO. But I will take a look at this one too. Perhaps use it on one of my sites and see if there is a change.

    There is a screen shot here that interests me- the SERP and Keyword image. That is actually what caught my curiosity. Just goes to show that a picture is worth a thousand words!
    Kurt recently posted…Green Lantern Halloween CostumeMy Profile

  57. Chris says:

    Yikes, this plugin made me realize that I need to be more proactive in my SEO techniques. Thanks Petra for creating post like this as a reminder to keep building traffic. –Chris
    Chris recently posted…Classic Christmas MoviesMy Profile

  58. Jamie says:

    Interesting I am defiantly going to have to check this plg in out on one of my tester blogs. Once again you never cease to fail me with very useful information keep up the good work.
    Jamie recently posted…Toshiba m55 updated Tue Sep 28 2010 1-40 am CDTMy Profile

  59. This sounds like a great plug-in. I already have the all in one SEO pack. This looks like it provides additional keyword suggestions which is always helpful.
    Framingham MA Real Estate recently posted…Hail Damage to RoofsInsurance Claims From HailMy Profile

  60. Faizan says:

    thanks for this information. already downloaded. just need to install it!
    Faizan recently posted…16 Free Premium Quality Skins For Thesis ThemeMy Profile

  61. Thanks for information I liked the plug in

  62. SEO Power is an amazing plugin. I must install this on my wordpress blogs.
    how to increase vertical recently posted…How to Increase Vertical Jump Manual updated Mon Sep 27 2010 11-00 am CDTMy Profile

  63. Well thats great that you have installed that plugin ” SEO Power” and it really worked well. And you have shared your experience with us and i think we will be looking forward to it.

  64. Cole Stan says:

    I usually use only the all in one seo plugin and it does the job very well. But, just like you are, I am very curious and I have to install it and see what else it can do 🙂
    Cole Stan recently posted…The Classic Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift BasketMy Profile

  65. GPAT says:

    SEO Power may be a good alternative for me

  66. Most people these days seem to use other systems like WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform available on the internet today.
    Many smart marketers have used WordPress to promote their business and products online.
    It’s extremely flexible and powerful.

  67. Dump Trucks says:

    Thanxs for the info. Planning to install SEO Power suite.

  68. Tom Buczak says:

    Thanks Petra. I’m in the process of re-building my website. I will definately look into.

  69. amit says:

    My most of friends are using SEO power.I think it is best wordpress plugin.Anyways,thanks for a great information.

  70. Matt says:

    Is this a replacement for all-in-one SEO or an addition to it?
    Matt recently posted…Best Flash WebsitesMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Matt, I believe you should have only one SEO plugin activated and working with it. Having more than one could eventually do more harm than good. At least that’s what I think. Does anybody know for sure?

  71. Great SEO tips and strategies, gotta add these to the list, the All in one SEO plug in is a great help aswell. Thanks
    Worst Movies Ever recently posted…Top 5 Worst Movies EverMy Profile

  72. hospitalera says:

    Hi Petra, I did test drive the plugin and found one major drawback that made me de-install it again. The problem is that it ads a limitless amount of tags, leading to keyword stuffing on the posts. Even when you limit the number of tags added in the settings, it still does it. It seems to me, that this limit gets applied every time anew when the plugin runs its cron job. I had to manually clean up my tags on my two high traffic sites where i installed it. Plus it adds useless tags like your urls, despite what the creator said. Would like to hear your long term experience with it, SY
    hospitalera recently posted…Allyn and I might be up to something –My Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Sybille, I actually got an email from my hosting company informing me that “my blog has spawned a very large error_log file of just under 10 GB in size. Each time someone visits your blog an error is logged. The error looks to be generated by a plugin called Seo Power, so it’s either a bad plugin or it’s incorrectly configured. Could we ask you to disable the plugin or try reconfiguring it so we avoid the massive error_logs being generated.”
      I am sorry to say that I basically got rid of SEO Power in the end.

  73. Nidhi says:

    hi ,thanx for sharing this pluin with us.I m very excited to use this plugin on my site,,how it will work

  74. Web hosts don’t make comments, free or otherwise. Do you mean comments with links to websites on free hosts? The answer would be no, unless that site has ended up in the Akismet spam database.

  75. Programmi says:

    I agree with your opinion, look for my reviews at Scaricare Programmi Free
    Programmi recently posted…Fresh HTMLMy Profile

  76. aem says:

    i agree, one of the best wp plugin available today

    you saved my SEO 😉


  77. I will have to test this. I use some other SEO plug-in, I think it’s the Platinum SEO plugin. Thanks for the reference.
    Interesting Stories recently posted…Stalker Makes 65,000 Calls In A YearMy Profile

  78. WordPress is the most SEO friendly CMS. I really like to do work on wordpress

  79. The thing you need to be careful of however is that the plug-in does not conflict with the blogs internal SEO out of the box. For example with the Thesis and Genesis themes some of the add on plug-ins can actually negatively impact your SEO.
    Framingham MA Realtor recently posted…Credit Scoring Impacts Short Sale vs ForeclosureMy Profile

  80. The plugin works great like SEO pressor!
    Electrician Brisbane recently posted…How To Reduce Your Swimming Pool Power CostsMy Profile

  81. Will says:

    I agree with your opinion and it is one of the best wp plugin available today.

  82. Chris says:

    Hello Petra, How will I disable my wordpress plugin that I am not using anymore?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Chris, that’s very easy – you go to your plugins page in your WordPress Admin area (click on “Plugins” on the left hand side panel), then look for the plugin you want to deactivate and click “Deactivate” – it’s that simple!

  83. Peñarazzi says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope to get one for myself and use it. This will be helpful to my blog.

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