SEO Digger revealed my website on page one of Google!

November 10, 2008 | By | 3 Replies More

I am excited! I had an email in my Inbox from fellow blogger Matt Garrett, suggesting the use of SEO Digger to find out what keywords are bringing traffic to a site.

So I thought, yeah, let’s try this, and I entered my other website, into the search box, and hit “Search”.

The results were quite amazing! Of course, I had keyword targeted the single web pages within my site, but I had never expected for it to rank so high in Google for so many other keyword combinations, too! Have a look at part of the results:

Now, being inquisitive as I am, this did not quite satisfy me. So I went ahead and entered a few of these keywords into the Google search box (just like somebody looking for this might be doing) and hit “Search”.

I was blown away!!! For example, for the search term “beach theme decorating idea” – I was a clear No. 1 on Google, out of over 3 Million sites!!! How about that! And for many of the other search terms I ranked very well on Page 1 of Google. Even better still than what SEO Digger had come up with!

I guess it shows again that putting time into keyword research does pay off – if you do it right, you might get some very nice surprises a bit further down the track, just like I did!

Why not check what keywords are bringing traffic to your site? Wouldn’t it be great to know? You could use that information to optimize your site for the search engines even more. I will bookmark SEO Digger for future use!

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  1. Matt Garrett says:

    Hi Petra,
    Glad you found my tip for SEODigger useful, it’s a pretty neat site.

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