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Ok, so don’t get any wrong ideas here, alright??? Here it goes:

I have just (and I mean just! Literally 5 minutes ago) found this site called “ScratchBack“, and I love what this site is all about! See, I was reading a post on one of my favorite blogs, the Work From Home Business Blog, and noticed this interesting widget on the sidebar that said “Tip me to get in my list of links”. After quick examination I ventured onto the original site where this widget came from.  And ended up on ScratchBack.

What is ScratchBack?

Basically what you can do with ScratchBack is put a widget on your blog where the readers or friends of your blog can “tip” you and you give them a backlink (or image) in return. So it is like an online “tipping” system that benefits you (the website/blog owner) and your readers. Your readers scratch your back, and they scratch yours!

  • You can accept tips and have fun
  • You earn money from every single tip you get (into PayPal, nice and easy!)
  • Super-easy to set up (and I mean it when I say that!) 🙂
  • You give your readers the possibility to thank you for your work
  • It is FREE to sign up!

So I decided to try it out, right here on my blog. Now, I hope there are a few of you out there who will value a backlink from my blog and feel generous enough to spend the $5 I am asking for a tip… And I think if you like the idea of a bit more interaction with your readers, this is a nice way of doing it that will benefit all of us!

I really think this could be a great way of earning some extra income (even if it might not be much) and especially to HAVE SOME FUN!!! Thanks, Jim Kukral, for inventing this great online tipping jar!

You scratch my back, I scratch yours!

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  1. Hi Petra,

    Thanks for the mention and glad you like my blog. Somehow I must have missed the trackback. I’ve added your blog in Technorati. Perhaps you could fav mine when you have the time. Oh BTW congrats on getting PR3. I know the feeling. Enjoy the weekend.

    Peter Lee

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Thanks, Peter Lee! Yes, I enjoy your blog very much, I think you have great advice and information to offer. I will return the favor for sure!

  2. Nice discovery. It is really a way to make extra money. I will try it one my blog. Its really with funny name but quit useful.

  3. Angus %9 says:

    I just need to make some good money from home.initially i thought that it will be easy but now i have realized that its not that easy to make money online.particularly if you are not that good with your focus and hard work.I am not an guru but i have observed very knowledgeable bloggers.And i am also and student of work from home.just keep it up it will work for all of us for sure.Thank you for this sweet post.

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