John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program – am I still making progress???

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Tour Guide Petra with kids on Penguin Island, Rockingham

Tour Guide Petra with kids on Penguin Island, Rockingham

Huhuh, long time no see here! You all sure think Petra has slacked off and once again done what happened so often in the past – started something at full speed to slow down “fast” to something like a crawl, until there was another program that bit the dust!

Well, I am happy to tell you that THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE! John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program is the one program I am absolutely committed to, because he is fantastic in his approach and what he teaches you. I am no quitter this time!

Sure, things have been going extremely slowly, I have to admit, I am now about 6 weeks behind, but you know what the good thing is? That it doesn’t really matter. I have John’s material available to me for-pretty-much-ever, and I can take things at my own pace. Of course I would love to be on track, but

  • I had my parents here in Australia visiting from Germany for 4 weeks, they just left last night. So I was “Tour Guide” the whole time. Did a lot of trips in and around Perth when I usually would have been behind the computer screen (or at the gym);
  • I had the kids(5 and 6) on 2 weeks school holidays early October, too (and every mom/dad out there will agree with me, there is very little time available for anything else but kids when that happens!)
  • I have been trying to play catch up with our “real” business (all you Internet Marketers out there, don’t kill me! I know I shouldn’t say that, our ventures into Internet Marketing are just as real as other businesses out there, but most “normal” 😉 people just don’t see it like that) where we are more than a year behind in paperwork – I feel sick just thinking about it 🙁

So, I have been trying to write my ebook, update my blog, create a new blog, tweet on Twitter, write Articles (didn’t happen) and keep learning about internet marketing every day after 9pm when the kids had gone to bed. And you know – somehow the brain doesn’t put out a lot of great stuff any more at that time of the day!

On top of it all we will have to go and visit the kids sick Grandma in Adelaide from Sunday (coming) till Thursday next week. And I haven’t got a laptop, and Grandma hasn’t got a computer. So – you will not be hearing from me for a few days! I think I will go mad, because I am addicted to all this stuff, it is sooooo interesting.

But back now to John’s Coaching Program – I think I am actually getting quite close to finishing my first ever ebook (won’t tell you yet what it is about!), and once that’s done, I will try to play catch up with the weeks I am behind now in the program. I know I won’t be finishing within the 16 weeks, but the main thing is – I WILL BE FINISHING THIS TIME!

Just watch me.

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  1. markez linda says:

    Your blog rocks dude!

  2. Tom says:

    Hey, maybe you wanna check out our website. We offer a lot of nice tipps and tricks to loose weight, but only in German. Since your parents are Germany, this could probably be interesing for you. See you there?!

  3. Nicole says:

    Petra that happens to all of us one time or another. I know there have been many times I have started something then stopped or slowed it down to a crawl. With very hectic modern lives a lot of us are living these days its lucky anything gets done. All you can do is try your best and keep moving forward. Good luck with your book!
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