In the beginning, there was only darkness and void….

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It is hard to believe, but only a short year ago my brain contained a very dark, deep and hollow space that was labelled “Computer and Internet Knowledge”. I had no idea about anything to do with “that stuff”! O.K., I could what probably everybody who’s got a computer can do these days, and that is using email, and “googleing” something. Oh, and I was an ebay-addict.

But if somebody would have mentioned the word “blog”, for example, I would have looked at them and thought they’ve gone absolutely mad!
Ape scratching his head
Computer and me and anything technical in that direction just didn’t seem to go with “Petra Weiss”.

What on earth made me decide to try and make money online, then?!?!?!

Maybe it was the little monkey in my brain who LOVES a challenge? Maybe it was the “old” Petra still in there somewhere (surprisingly, after a few years of bringing up babies/toddlers/little terrors) screaming to prove to herself that she could do it? The old me, wanting to have the feeling that I had taken control over my own life again and was actively learning something useful?

In the end it was a combination of all of the above, plus I simply wanted to start earning money of my own again, but without having to go out and work for somebody. I wanted to create a business which would earn me money even if I didn’t “work” for a few days, or weeks, or months (doesn’t everybody want something like that?). AND I WANTED TO PROVE TO MY PARTNER THAT I COULD DO IT!

So one fine evening in September 2007, I was sitting down at my computer and started googleing for (guess!) “make money online”. And got absolutely swamped with results. (This is very likely the starting point of my suffering from Information Overload).

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