Become a good samaritan – give a helping hand for blog traffic

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Give A Helping Hand

Give A Helping Hand

Are you the proud owner of a brilliant blog with valuable content, but hardly anybody ever stops by to read it? Are you putting in countless hours to update your blog and keep the content fresh and relevant, just to see that all your effort was in vain, because there are little or no visitors? Or are you one of the lucky one’s that already have a ton of traffic and make some money? Either way, today is your day to add your bit to the “sick” bloggers community, and maybe get something in return.

I have just come across a post on Chuck Westbrooks blog about how you can help end the problem of blogs with great content and no readers. Chuck has this great idea how bloggers can help each other to get the audience they deserve.

Basically he wants to create a group of interested bloggers who like to help other bloggers out and believe that good content should rise (to some better Search Engine Rankings, that is). That group then chooses a good but less-known blog to boost. Then everyone in the group will commit to reading that blog for two weeks. And once the two weeks are over, the group moves to another blog to do the same thing.

When one single blog gets targeted in this way by many bloggers, the blog owner can expect a few nice things to happen over the time span of two weeks. He can expect traffic, constrctive criticism and encouragements, and comments on his blog. After the two weeks are up, the website owner will join the group, and another blog gets picked and boosted!!

I think the idea is brilliant, so I have expressed my interest in participating. I might just see you there?

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