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Losing Money

Losing Money

So here I was, the newest of Newbies to Internet Marketing, and I had just spend $4,495 USD to get 20,000 “targeted, unique visitors” to my site. (Read the first part of this story here). When I think about this now it makes me feel sick – here is a tip for any new Internet Marketer out there: Do NEVER EVER spend that much money on generating traffic to your sites, EVER!

But, as I was still all “ready to rock and roll”, I dived into the study material I had received – which, I have to say, is quite comprehensive and valuable -, and I went on to send out the direct mailers which were a free bonus in this “Ultimate Traffic Program”. I think I got about 500 direct, pre-printed mailers on which I had to stick the pre-printed address stickers supplied by GCFN. And then, of course, I had to send them out! Now, because I am in Australia, and all these “targeted leads” were in the US, I had to buy stamps from the US, had them shipped to me, put them on the mailers and sent a package with all of them back to GCFN to put them in the mailbox in the US for me (they offer that service for overseas customers). Total cost: $136.00

All the while this was happening, I was also actively advertising my websites on classified ad sites, as I had been instructed. I spent hours and also quite a few dollars on advertising on classifieds websites.

Losing Money

Losing Money

And the weeks went by. I had bought the “Ultimate Traffic Package” and I was promised 20,000 unique, targeted visitors within 3 months. If that target wasn’t reached, Global CashFlow Network offered to re-run the campaign for no additional cost. And guess what – we fell a few hundred visitors short. And I have to say, they held true to their promise and re-run the campaign no problem.

My problem though was that out of that many visitors to my site, all I had been able to generate was 11 people who had signed up to get more information (one of them being my partner, – I signed him up at some stage to test whether everything was working alright because there were no prospects!). I had made one referral and earned myself $110 USD (when I deposited that check in my account, I had to pay a $15 fee because it was a foreign check!).

When the campaign ran out for the second time, another 3 months had gone past and I had not added any more prospects to my list. None. Zip. Nada. 11 it was. I had received my second set of direct mailers, but by that time I had – understandably! Even the slowest people get it eventually 😉 – lost my confidence in the program and its results. I was pretty pissed off and felt ripped off!!!

So one day I decided to go ahead and ring them and ask them for a refund of as much money as I could get back from my investment (which came up to nearly $6,000.00 by now).

I have to be honest – they were terrific on the telephone when I called them. Whenever I had a problem before, I could call them and discuss things. They DO have a great customer support/service and are easy to reach. I rang them quite a few times, and they were always very helpful and professional.

My Money Back

My Money Back

Same thing this time around. I was prepared for a fight (and believe me, I am not a person who likes to make a scene!), but the staff on the line were very good, and after a fairly short time they did agree on paying me back my sign up fee and all the costs associated with the startup of the program. Unfortunately, they could not pay me back the money for the traffic package, but I can tell you, at that stage I was very glad that they had agreed to pay me back $1,694 USD. So I took it and ran – off to more fruitful adventures!

The End.

So there you have it, my story on Mary Gersten’s Global CashFlow Network. Now, I do believe that they mean well (…), and you do get a lot of good stuff to study, and some guidance, but you will not be earning a living online with GCFN – unless you are extremely lucky (that’s my humble personal opinion).

I found a good discussion thread on GCFN here, where you can read up on other people’s experience with them. There is also a fantastic lens on Squidoo about it – somebody else’s experience. I could have written that! Also, I would love to hear your comments about GCFN here on my blog, if you have got any 😉

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  1. lissie says:

    Oh ouch – thats one of the worst Ive heard about amount of money lost in IM – at least you got some of it back. Your story could have been mine but I guess I figured that I would be able to figure it all out in a few months – this was over a year ago LOL. I haven’t of course not now – and I don’t make a full-time income – but I have got the “secret” of tagetted traffic – I just blogged about it – but basically blog about what people are searching for and you will get ranked and get traffic! The problem of course with IM blogs is that no one is searching for “internet marketing” – except other internet marketers – and they of course don’t spend any money!

  2. lissie says:

    BTW your RSS subscribe is broken 🙁

  3. Petra Weiss says:

    Hi Lissie,
    Thanks for your comments. I will have to check out the RSS issue! Thanks for telling me about it. And you are absolutely right with your statement about Internet Marketing – that’s why it is better to build different niche (or even micro-niche) blogs/websites with other content than – Internet Marketing!

  4. Very nice information. Thanks for this. By the way, did you create this layout yourself?

  5. Petra Weiss says:

    Michael – thanks for your thumbs up! No, I did not design this layout myself, it is a WordPress design called PrimePress by Ravi Varma. You can find the link to it at the bottom of any of my pages 🙂

  6. Hostvipor says:

    I have to say that I am really impressed by it is to go through your blogand getting things rolling, this is an excellent site.

  7. Online Money says:

    Hi! Your article really makes sense to me. Thanks so much for sharing!

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