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I actually have to look up my credit card statements from last year to be able to recall the order of the programs I joined and tried to make money with.

After the disaster with Data Entry Business, I was absolutely not ready to give up. I kept searching, and the next program I came across that looked like the real deal and sounded absolutely fantastic was Mary Gerstens “Global Cash Flow Network” (GCFN). Now, this is by no means a cheap program, but I was all fired up and ready to make some cash! I liked what was promised and took the plunge to sign up.

Total cost over the next few weeks: $781.73 USD. This included signup fee, setup costs, study material and things like that. (ouch!!! – some of you internet marketers might regret now that you didn’t come across me a year ago!)

I invested in everything to do with Global Cash Flow Network I could get my hands on. I had said to myself that I really wanted to make it work and then I had to give it a fair go.

After a few weeks with the program and learning quite a lot about media placement, I got a phone call very early in the morning (must have been around 5:30am or so; people forget the time difference between the States and Western Australia). Pretty much still half asleep I had this person from GCFN on the phone telling me about this fantastic offer of a three months advertising campaign to bring highly targeted traffic to my site. A flow of 20,000 guaranteed visitors to my site with a high conversion rate.

By that time I had learned that my websites were only going to be successful if they had visitors that converted into sign-ups to the program, or that bought something from my store.

Again, I had some savings at that time, and as I still wanted to make this a success, I agreed to buy their Premier PlusTraffic Package. It included 20,000 highly targeted visitors to my site(s), a direct mailer program with a 2-4% response rate (pre-printed postcards for me to send to already very interested “leads” which all got supplied to me through GCFN), and quite a package of information and study material about traffic generation. This was sure going to get a lot of sign-ups going! (Per sign-up I could receive between $100 and I think $1000, depending whether the sign-ups bought the traffic package deal).

Total cost for this Premier Plus Traffic Package (hold on to your seats, please!): $4,495.00

I must have been MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued……

By the way, here are the 2 websites I have with Global Cash Flow Network: and

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  1. Ouch Ouch Ouch OOOOUCHH! Sweet heart what were you thinking? That’s like over $5,000 on an MMO product. Over here in Nigeria, we would say you must have been “jazzed”. Jazz=Voodoo. LOL
    Till date I’ve spent less than $100 on mmo products and I’m still regreting spending that much. LOL. I hope this expenditure didn’t affect your relationship cos it’s quite a lot of money down the drain.
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Top 10 Ways Nigerians Make Money Online =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      @Udegbunam, did you know any technical stuff when you started, though? It is great that you didn’t have to outlay any money, but I guess you must have been quite comfortable around the net and computers before…? Because if you really don’t know how to work things, it can be quite beneficial to sign up with a training site or something similar. Don’t you think? No, my relationship was not affected by it, thank God.

  2. I feel you. I’ve always been intrigued by computers and yes I knew quite enough about technical stuff before jumping into the whole make money online thing. Don’t mind me. I ain’t got other responsibilities like you do (Kids, home, partner etc) so I had a lot of time to dedicate to improving my computer skills.
    I’m super glad the enormous expense didn’t but a strain on your love life.

    P.s: If I was quite secure financially, there’s a slight possibility that I might have been you 😉

  3. Cartier Tank says:

    Till date I’ve spent less than $100 on mmo products and I’m still regreting spending that much.

  4. Ev says:

    Very, very helpful post! Thank you for taking the time.

  5. Sabrina says:

    So did you make money at the end with this programm?

  6. Anna says:

    Hi Petra

    Were you a student of Alex Jeffrey, if so, what do you think of his course?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Anna, Alex Jeffreys is a great guy and his course is well worth the money, I just found as I progressed that list building is not for me. Too much work with having to come up with emails and good content all the time – I don’t think I would enjoy it for a longer period of time, and I would find it too stressful. I am having trouble right now keeping up with my 2 blogs as I am doing this very part time, and I just can’t see myself doing list building for that reason. I have decided to go into building niche websites as I can take my time designing and putting together the sites which are then earning me a small but steady income for the future.

  7. Bill says:

    I am a recent neophyte with GCFN that has heard the faststart pitch, but did not bite. I am curious since you said ‘not one cent’, Did any of the guaranteed 20000 highly targeted visitors materilize on your back office counter for either of your sites? Did you mail post cards to the targeted leads provided? Any results/replies?
    If your one year anniversary has probably passed, have you requested a refund as they claim they allow it after trying for one year?
    Sorry for so many questions, but I am not interested in wasting my time. I too am working on learning and trying to find ways to drive traffic to the web sites. My daughter has a real job in internet advertising/promotion and she has a real concern for creating traffic to these unknown websites.
    I would appreciate your input.

  8. Petra Weiss says:

    Bill, you can read the rest of the story here:
    I believe it answers all your questions. If you have any more, please ask!!! 🙂 Have a Happy New Year!

  9. pedro says:

    thank you mrs petra for your story on global cach flow network you save me time and money.

  10. lyn mcgrail says:

    well I just signed up this morning for this programe I am now stressed they tell me I can make money I’m a real newbie I should researched it all first cost me 400 nz dollars waiting for all my bonuses to arrive in the mail. I am also in copy n profit I really wanted to do johnny andrews money siphon I am such an easy target but I am really gonna give it a go. I hope to become one of those people that makes 1,000s a week heres hoping.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Lyn, I was exactly like you, the easy target. And I lost heaps and heaps of money.
      There are some good courses out there, but as a Newbie you just can’t know what’s necessary and what not. One good course for Newbies is “Commission Ritual” which I am advertising on this blog, when you go to the home page and start scrolling down you will see the graphics after every post. It will teach how to set up a targeted WordPress site to make money from Google Adsense and a couple of other Affiliate programs. Basically setting up a Niche Website. It costs a fraction of GCFN and you are much more likely to make money with it in a shorter period of time. Brians course “Commission Ritual” is fantastic. I would let go of GCFN and invest in Commission Ritual.
      My 5 cents wort! 🙂

  11. Wayne says:


    I was all set to put down $199 to get started w/ GCFN, when my daughter in California pulled up all of the negative comments plus your comments here, and forwarded them to me. What I read that she forwarded, stopped me and I refused to take the call from the sales rep when he called just a while ago. What I am wondering now, is there any way at all to make money on the internet? Everything we look into seems to be something other than what is promoted.

    You are promoting “Commision-Ritual.” What is it and how do I find it? I am needing to find some way to bring in some cash as soon as I can, but I have limited funds to put down……I’m sure you’ve heard that before. I’d truly appreciate your insights.

    Wayne Olson

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Wayne, I have sent you an email. 🙂

    • Stacy Unruh says:

      I also got totally ripped off by global cash flow network. Not only was the initial fees huge to get started but when I signed up for the ultimate traffic kit not only did they not provide what they said they would but promised me a refund, in writing even, this has been over 8 months ago. I still call them about once a week to ask about it and I get the same line as to we are working on this and I will let you know as soon as your refund is ready. They are so full of crap! My next step if I don’t have my money by the end of the week is report them at ripoff I hope all that reads this: DON”T sign up with these people!! Stacy

      • Petra Weiss says:

        Oh no, Stacy, I hope you get your refund!! It’s a hell of a lot of money – you know I know from personal experience! Thanks for your story.

  12. Marie says:

    Hi Petra

    I’ve also got ripped of with Mary Gersten’s GCFN. Can’t even open my website. Have been trying to contact them by emails and phone calls in the last week but to no avail. I’ve applied for a refund but was told that I have to wait until my 12 months is up in March 2011 so lets hope they stick to their guarantee or I’ll be spewing. I also live in WA and get early morning phone calls bad time to be ringing a person. Thanks for the info.

  13. I really love your blog and how you reply to almost everyone. I really wish more of the blog I visit have the same type of dedication from their owner!! Great Job

  14. Len says:

    I hope its not too late to send my compliments to this blog. You have done very well in your blog Petra, I just have one question, how does this program work?
    Len recently posted…Monster High Terrifying Tattoo RollerMy Profile

  15. nick says:

    I never understand why people buy traffic, it is much better in the long run to do serious SEO. If you need to spends money on outsourcing, do it. Buy links, pay people to build link pyramids etc.

    No need to pay for traffic as you will rank high naturally.

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