Get Website Traffic – Take 2

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Get Website Traffic

Get Website Traffic

I am writing this to “further” my previous post on how to get website traffic.

Last night, for some reason, I went down my list of bookmarks in Firefox and saw the folder “Online Classifieds”. Well, I thought, I nearly forgot about all my classifieds I have got going! I haven’t looked at them for quite a while!

I know that online classifieds are a bit of a “red rag” for many Internet Marketers as it is widely assumed that they do not work (any more) to achieve any sales/conversions when advertising  websites. Whilst that might partly be true, some of them still have some pulling power when it comes to creating traffic for your website, even to make (affiliate) sales, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.

One of my favorite online classified sites is US Freeads. When I logged into my account I found the following statistics:

USFreeAds1USFreeAds2As you can see, my ads for my Beach Theme Home Decor site are definitely getting looked at! I have each ad optimized for a certain keyword, and the good thing is with each ad I can target a specific page within my website to generate traffic not only for the “home page”, but for pages within.

What I also like is that writing these ads is quite simple, all you want to do is get people to click through to your website. Have a look what I have done in some instances:


Unfortunately, the links you put in the ads are  NOT dofollow (the search engines won’t “count” those links towards your sites ranking), but either way you will be getting traffic to your site. Just make sure you do your keyword marketing research right and try to optimize your ads by putting your keyword in the title and once or twice in the body of the ad. Also, if possible, link your keyword to your site (make your keyword the anchor text for a link to your site).

Now, I have got a premium account with USFreeads, which means I pay an ongoing $6.99 a month, and for that my ads get automatically renewed each month. So once I place and ad, that’s it, it will run forever without me having to think about it. Set and forget! If you don’t want to spend money on this, of course you can renew your ads once a month yourself, not a problem.

Basically I just wanted to mention Online Classifieds as a way to get website traffic as well. It might not be huge, but every bit helps, and it doesn’t take long to set the ads up.

I did mention at the beginning that you can make affiliate sales with classifieds, too, and I will get into that in one of my next posts. So stay tuned!

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  1. yup, usfreeads, craigslist and backpage all seem to be pretty good for drawing a bit of traffic. nice wirte up. i haven’t used usfreeads but may need to take a look after seeing those numbers.

  2. John Tanner says:

    Hi Petra,

    Although new to Internet Marketing, I’m interested to learn any techniques to drive traffic.

    Nobody seemed to have mentioned the on-line Ads as a traffic source, so thanks.

    Speak soon

  3. Keith says:

    Likewise, this is the first I have heard of this method. It looks as if it may have some potential.

    I probably haven’t been exposed to this method before because it looks to be more work to scale it up. Some folks don’t like that 4 letter word.

    Is amount of traffic worth the $6.99 ongoing you pay? How many clickthroughs do you get on those page views on the classified site? Is there a limit on the number of ads you can run?

    .-= [email protected] Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Sep 1, The 1939 Norman Rockwell Santa, Extra Good Boys And Girls =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      @Keith, I have just answered these questions in reply to Steve. I really just see USFreeAds as another traffic source. I am not sure how many people do actually click through to my site, as I haven’t set up proper tracking (will have to do so very soon!!!), but I think the benefits I get from paying $6.99 per month are worth it for me. But you can easily start off as free member and see how you go.

  4. Steve says:

    Great technique, I have a few questions though, do think these ads are effecting your sites ability for those keywords you are targeting?

    What I mean is, are the ads ranking better for the phrase “palm tree home decor” in the SERP’s than your website that is also competing for that phrase.?

    Also, I’d be interested to know what kind of CTR’s each of the ads are getting you?


    • Petra Weiss says:

      @Steve, I know my site comes up very high for my main keywords like “beach decor” and “beach theme home decor”, but because I never really concentrated on building backlinks to my “inner” pages like Hawaiian home decor or palm tree home decor, it might well be that the USFreeAds ads rank higher than the pages within my site. But that’s ok, it is still generating traffic to my site, and that’s what I want.
      I cannot tell you exactly how many click-throughs I get from USFreeAds (I have not been very diligent with tracking my clicks!), but I see the site just as another way of getting traffic to my website. You can easily join for free, if the $6.99 for a Premium Account don’t hold interest for you. As a free member you will just have a limit on the amount of ads you can run, what kind of features you have to build your ads etc, and they will not renew automatically every month.

  5. vikky says:

    I have launched my website and it is really good way found to drive traffic.

  6. My husband and I use a lot of google advertising but haven’t heard of the freeads. So basically you don’t get any revenue from the ads just traffic to your site which in the long run could make you revenue. Good to know. I am going to share this with the other half tonight. Thanks so much for the information.

  7. irene cuinnea says:

    hi im ready to start selling a product and setting up a website im looking for any tips anybody can give me to help me along and traffic is one of them

  8. Good article. Useful information.

  9. Rob says:

    So you said it’s $6.99 per month and you received a few hundred views from them already. I would like to try advertising for my sites sometimes, but I am wondering if I will make back my investment into the ads. Have you done the math or anything like that to see if the money spent on the ads is worth it in the end?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I am actually thinking about quitting US Free Ads. I am paying the $6.99/month but I have never made any sales through any of the ads, just getting a little traffic, so I am basically paying for traffic to my sites. I am right now not so sure any more whether it is really worth it. Has anybody else had experience with US Free Ads?

  10. John says:

    Hi Petra,

    Do you mean with your last comment that you’ve set up some tracking for your ads and based on this tracking there have not been any slaes? I’ve just liked the idea from your initial post but from the last comment it seems it’s been too early to celebrate.
    John recently posted…La Cabina – A Short- Yet Amazing MovieMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      John, I have a few ads in the classifieds which do not point to a website, but straight to some clickbank products (like “building a pond for koi fish”, or “determine the gender of your baby”). I can see that they had quite a lot of views, but they have not had any sales at all. So that’s what my last comment was playing at. To let you know, I have not unsubscribed from US Freeads, and I will keep using them to get more traffic to my sites. 🙂

  11. Widodo says:

    Good article. Useful information.
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  12. peterpan says:

    very useful information. thank’s a lot for sharing…

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