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April 28, 2011 | By More

Whether you believe it or not, I have finally found some time again to work on my websites! I just thought I need to get my days better organized so I can fit a bit of time in each day. So – early mornings it is for me at the moment!

What I have started off with now is keep generating backlinks to  my websites. Over the past 2 years all I had done was mainly build backlinks to the home pages, and do a few posts every few weeks or so. So some of my homepages have been on page 1 of the Google search results for my main keywords for a while, and I have seen some consistent search engine traffic from it. But there I was, thinking how much more traffic I could generate if I managed to get my other pages on page 1 as well, for their keywords!

Building BacklinksLuckily, I have been a subscriber for Backlink Builder for a while now, I just never did anything with them. Seriously, I was sitting on a Goldmine and just didn’t take the time to act on it. Well, when I finally decided to come out of my hiding a few weeks ago, that’s what I decided to do – go systematically through Backlink Builder and start building those all important backlinks to my inner pages, as well.

As I had the thought of reporting about it on my blog here, of course I wrote the “starting positions” of some of my pages down before I started. Here they are:

On March 24 I had:

Keyword Search Results Page Position No.
A Page 5 Pos. 6
B Page 5 Pos. 1
C Page 1 Pos. 3
D ?? not there ??

And then I started with my backlink campaign. Just went systematically through the files that you get with Backlink Builder, linking back to my inner pages with the keywords for those particular pages as anchor text. I made a point of writing down which anchor text I used on which site, and which page on my site I linked back to. For that I designed a very simple table which I fill out as I go along (otherwise you lose track). If you click on the image you can see it in original size. I created it on Open Office.

My next date when I checked my keywords was April 6, so just about 2 weeks later. These are a few results:

Keyword Search Results Page Position No.
A Page 1 Pos. 10
B Page 1 Pos. 6
D Page 2 Pos. 3

Can you see the huge jump in those keywords? It’s nearly unbelievable.
These are the positions as of today (April 29):

Keyword Search Results Page Position No.
A Page 2 Pos. 2
B Page 1 Pos. 3
C Page 1 Pos. 2
D Page 1 (from 5) Pos. 9
E Page 1 Pos. 3
F Page 1 Pos. 5
G Page 1 Pos. 2

I find this just amazing. Now, some of the rankings still jump around a little, but I am quite positive that it will come further up again. The jumping around at the beginning is quite normal.

You know what else happened now that my inner pages are up in the search results?

  • My traffic has increased – from between 500-600 views a day to most days between 900-1000.
  • My affiliate earnings have increased so far by about 30%. For example, one of my Affiliate Programs made me $72 yesterday:

So – all is green in my books, so to speak! This stuff really works. You build a niche site with a few relevant pages, create some good content on those pages, – it really pays off to put effort into making the site a site that your visitors will enjoy and benefit from! – and start building links to it. I’m chuffed!

Looking forward to your comments!

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  1. Andrei says:

    Petra is great to see that you are back on the horse. I have been in the same situation as you. For months i did not do nothing to my websites.

    Regarding the topic of discussion, the way how you have chosen to build your backlinks proved to be extremely effective.

  2. Gyro says:

    Good work. Thank you.
    Gyro recently posted…Kids Gyro BowlMy Profile

  3. Kris says:

    Link building requires a lot of patience and time. It’s definitely good to start it right than getting penalized for not doing it right the first time.

    • Jonathan says:

      Thats very true people, listen to Kris. It happened to the site of a friend of mine. He got kicked out of the G-Index for more than 2 month, then his site just came back. But 2 month without income is hard anyway. Dont overdue it

  4. Hi Petra, It’s nice to see you posting again. Thanks for the backlink info. and the results on your website. It has given me the shove I needed.
    Portable Fire Pit recently posted…Portable Fire PitMy Profile

  5. Art says:

    You’re inspiring me to get organised too, I never have enough time. Just to clarify, are you talking about internal links with the Backlink Builder?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Art, I am talking about “inbound” links with the Backlink Builder – Links that are pointing to your site from other sites. Not internal linking, which is when pages of your site point to other pages, or posts to other posts, all on your own site.

  6. Logo design says:

    I read first time your post and i found great information from your post now i look forward to read your more posts. Keep posting!

  7. Fred says:

    Its quite motivational for me because i am still waiting for my first sale when it comes to earning commissions through affiliate programs. still, i find it useful and motivational too on the other hand. i think i need to work on building some quality links too before i expect something similar for myself
    Fred recently posted…How to find dofollow blogsMy Profile

  8. Excellent overview of the tool Petra, though I’m just wondering with what specific methods were used in acquiring links?
    Lauren Bennett recently posted…Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  9. Danielle says:

    Nice post Petra. It looks like you have had some great success with this software. I have seen a lot of these types of software out there. It would helpful to know what keyword phrases you are ranking up for as a result of using this software. Some keyword phrases obviously aren’t that hard to rank up for.

  10. Cindy Brown says:

    You talked me into subscribing. We’ll see how it works. Thanks for the chart idea.

  11. Nathalie says:

    Profile backlinks provide very little value. I’ve concluded that blog commenting provide the highest quality backlinks.
    Nathalie recently posted…Eczema is NOT contagious! Stop being scared of it!My Profile

  12. Sam says:

    Wow, that’s really promising. I might well sign up to the builder website as well and systematically follow the files also to promote my air conditioning website. Cheers Petra

  13. Dani says:

    What type of links are that high PR links that offer? can you tell 1 or 2 to see them?
    Thank you very much

  14. Edgar says:

    Really good to hear that you had very fast results in this small time period. Thanks for sharing

  15. Petra,

    Thanks for the Backlink Builder tip. I hadn’t seen that site before. It looks quite useful!
    Andrew Flusche recently posted…DWI 2nd Offense – A GREAT ResultMy Profile

  16. james says:

    links with a good weight is always beneficial

  17. GunCool says:

    Seems you did a great job if really have such improvement in several keywords positions.

  18. Jeff says:

    Hi Petra,

    Those results are quite impressive indeed…For such a jump in a couple of weeks how many extra backlinks did you add during the period? Could you share this too?

    I mean did you add 20 of them or 200, 2000…;)

    Have a good day


  19. Ephraim says:

    Nice share. I actually intended to order from Angela when I first heard about her service but wasn’t sure if profile backlinking can do my site any good. Hearing about your results really encouraged me to try out this link building method. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Ephraim recently posted…Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse ReviewMy Profile

  20. ella says:

    I would like to say that you blog google position jump is incredibile. And you talk about putting on this not so much effort. I thinking seriuosly about giving a try to banklink builder;it’s seems to work pefectly.

  21. Sonny says:

    I think I was in the same boat you were in: I used to blog twice a week and go after half as many inlinks to my site. Now I’ve decided that I need to blog half as much – while still maintaining content quality – and spend twice as much time going after links…
    Sonny recently posted…Yo Ho- A Caribbean Pirates Wig for MeMy Profile

  22. Clare says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your tips. I would like to try your

  23. Dan says:

    This are some nice visitor count numbers. Thanks for sharing the info on getting the inner pages up in the SERPs.

  24. srinikethan says:

    could you please provide info on back link builder
    srinikethan recently posted…Data structures- Algorithms and Applications in Cby Sartaj SahniMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Just Google “Angelas Backlinks” and you should find it! – See, I am not making any money from referring you guys! 😉

  25. Leonard says:

    I’ve always thought that backlinking is so important in increasing traffic into your website. And you are another one who has proved me right. Thank you so much for sharing. And you can hire someone to do the work for you. This way, you will have time for blogging. And we will learn from you.
    Leonard recently posted…SEO copywriting- Les éléments essentiels pour satisfaire les moteurs de rechercheMy Profile

  26. Me too in same situation over it, i also need more back link for my homepage for web design blackpool.

  27. Shane says:

    Sounds like a really great program. There’s no question in my mind that using good quality original content on your niche sites and combining them with a good backlink campaign is what it takes to rank high in the search engines. Since the now infamous “Panda Update” from Google I actually find it easier to rank my own sites than it used to be. Keep up the great work! Consistency is extremely important in this business!
    Shane recently posted…The Keyword Academy ReviewMy Profile

  28. Sue says:

    Good for you! This method is really so amazing. Thanks for sharing!
    Sue recently posted…video game reviewMy Profile

  29. Max says:

    Nice job. Thanks a lot.
    Max recently posted…Black Magnetic Dry Erase BoardMy Profile

  30. Smith says:

    It mean that if we link our site to inner pages we can get instant ranking.
    Smith recently posted…Steam showers steam saunas steam cabins steam showerMy Profile

  31. Kim Roach says:

    Yeah, I also use Backlink Builder with great success. It just works. Of course, it is a huge pain to through all these steps, it is so boring… That’s why I am going to outsource that.
    Kim Roach recently posted…Kim Roach Traffic Dashboard ReviewMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Kim, it really is a pain to do it all yourself, but it surely works.. outsourcing is a good idea, but at this stage I am still laboring away by myself..

  32. David says:

    Those are some very interesting tips you are providing. Many people experience a sort of blockade when they try and build backlinks… what you’ve written here sure is good enough to get many people started.

    I actually have a blog of my own and I’ve covered the topic of backlinks already in this post, especially which backlinks are more valuable. Maybe if you have the time you could check it out and leave some feedback?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi David, I just headed over to your blog and checked out your post, fantastic! You have hit the nail on the head with your article. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I tried to leave a comment but I just got an error code when I submitted it, saying I have to type in the password? You should check that out. Ta!

  33. Max says:

    I just subscribed me as well. I hope I can take such an advantage as you did. But for 5 dollars a month you cannot do anything wrong, I think.
    Max recently posted…VerbenaMy Profile

  34. Sascha says:

    This is a great Testimonial and i love the idea of writing down the posted backlinks. I´ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Sascha recently posted…Der Blog als Marketing InstrumentMy Profile

  35. Chris says:

    thats some nice improvements in your rankings, will check out backlink builder. Looks interesting

  36. Artur says:

    I just read the article where the author said that there is a rule that content writing should be 20% of the work and link building 80%. Amazing if it’s true.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I don’t know about the 80-20 rule, but writing good and original content is very important, and so is good and constant link building.

  37. Anita says:

    So what are the best backlink sources nowadays?

    I’m a bit confused since the google panda update. I’ve been hearing so much different things that I’m not sure what to believe.

    Anita recently posted…Kitchen Island DesignMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Anita, in my honest opinion the best way to tackle seo on your blog is to keep updating the blog with good content, make sure you got your keywords right, and just keep building links like always. Angela’s Backlinks are a great way to enhance your link building, but you should definitely also continue being active socially – Google puts more and more value on how “popular” your site is, meaning how much “buzz” is going around about it – and leaving your signature in forums, on blogs, etc. Make sure you share your content a lot, and try to get people to share it, too.

  38. Agree – it’s just great when you start to see results! I think the key is to stay focussed and set aside 15-20 mins a day to link acquisition and watch the results roll in.

  39. Pam says:

    Granted, I don’t have a whole lot of spare time to blog, much less to market my blog, but if this stuff works as well as you say it does it might just be worth looking into. Is there anything else you can tell me about this system from a user’s perspective (as opposed to the product literature)?

    Many thanks!
    Pam recently posted…Children Becoming Obese at a Younger AgeMy Profile

  40. Mario says:

    The sites to get backlinks are real quality sites?. I always had the impression that gave you abandoned blogs or forums the get spammed reallly fast.

  41. Amenda says:

    Really impressive! Never thought the rank could jump so fast!
    Amenda recently posted…Google Web Marketing ToolsMy Profile

  42. Tartine says:

    Thanks a lot. I agree, Petra is great to see that you are back on the horse
    Tartine recently posted…Pas de puce A6 pour SamsungMy Profile

  43. Simon says:

    Those are some incredible results.

    This posts really makes me realise that I need better organisation, my linking is all over the place 🙁

  44. Subhash says:

    Great job, and congratulations that you have done well in just short span. If you want to get more backlinks and linkjuice, you must comment on dofollow blog plus that blog must be relevant or niche blogs.

  45. So true, backlinks make or break a site. Getting high quality backlinks means that you don’t even need many to be able to rank well on Google. I always try to avoid any linking that leads to PR1 or below. Always go for quality.

  46. joe says:

    Thank you for sharing this information! This will indeed be very much of help and useful to all the bloggers out there who would want to create back links. really learned something from this!
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  47. Subhash says:

    Great job Petra Weiss..congratulations for achieving the good positions on Google. Even, I was also looking for the same thing but presently, I am using someone’s service. And he is doing his best job.

  48. Arti says:

    The tips are really very helpful. I am going to look into what you have done. Many thanks for sharing your link building strategy 🙂
    Arti recently posted…Exploring the Last Indian Village in Uttarakhand – Mana Village (Part I)My Profile

  49. Robert says:

    I don’t have time either, nice post 😉 Good Luck!

  50. Hi Petra. I have also just recently learned the importance of backlinking. I enjoyed your post especially what you said about how you traffic increased and as a result so did your affiliate sales. Have seen this site, it is about the same method of bulding traffic because of better ranking. Have a look and see if it might be for you also.

  51. Arti says:

    This looks to be a very effective way to build backlinks and push up your site in Google search results. Many thanks for sharing!
    Arti recently posted…Places to see in the Mana Village (Bhim Pul, Saraswati River, Ganesh Gufa, Vyas Gufa and Others)My Profile

  52. james says:

    Great topic. As a new start up business owner i find this very useful. Thanks for the tips

  53. Amenda Winter says:

    Thank you for reminding us about the right backlinks to use for the niche site…
    Amenda Winter recently posted…software for affiliate marketingMy Profile

  54. John says:

    Oh, and the tables helped a lot!
    John recently posted…Secret restaurant recipeMy Profile

  55. Dan says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing jump in just a week or two. I’ll definitely have to check these backlinks out.
    Dan recently posted…Utopia Systems CRM HostingMy Profile

  56. Albert says:

    Great article.I also like your article.I think it is a informative blog.Now I learn in this blog, why we increase our traffic for our website.Thanks for your article.
    Albert recently posted…7 Rules to Get Your Ex BackMy Profile

  57. This is useful tip to increase back links. Thanks for providing such cool, nice and informative stuff. Keep providing us such posts in coming days as well
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  58. shaweendelapaz says:

    this is amazing.. I think I need to do just the same thing you did ..to have all the benefits I could get..
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  59. Pau says:

    It’s important to get good backlins to your site, that’s why you have to make a important investigation about links that fit to the topic of your web and have a high popularity 🙂
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  60. Hanna says:

    Nice Post!i really love it i can relate to my past, i actually share this to my friend and there using back link too.Thank you for sharing this informative thoughts.
    Hanna recently posted…Choosing Friends WiselyMy Profile

  61. Stephen Jack says:

    Do yo think that such backlinks builder will help to stay on the top of search results while so much rankings factor depends on the social presence and recent panda update has hunt many sites who are using softwares to make links and spamming the Internet

  62. Larissa says:

    wow!! it is amazing!!! I never thought those link builder programs actually work!!
    Thanks so much!
    Larissa recently posted…Hair removal methodsMy Profile

  63. Hilary says:

    Nice post. Traffic is very important, obviously, and many people don’t realize how easy it is to acquire it with a bit of keyword research, proper site structure, and backlinks!

  64. Kevin says:

    Petra, I’m really impressed with this site. I’ve been reading several of your blog posts learning more and more. I have a few questions. I recognize that back linking is important, but I am pretty new at it.

    1) if I post and use the “name @ keyword” and the blog is not a “commentluv” type of blog, is that doing anything for my site? or are search engines actually seeing the whole “Kevin” instead of “managing email”? If this is the case, is it better to just type “managing email” or will it run the risk of being deleted by the blog owner? Does you get much link juice from a “Kevin” that is linked back to my site as opposed to a “managing emails” keyword?

    2) on commentluv sites, are you supposed to put spaces between your name, the @ symbol, and the keyword or run it all together?

    3) If I post a comment and the blog owner declines to approve it, is it appropriate to ask why? Most of the time I really want to leave a valuable comment and yes, I include my link, but not to “spam”, just because it’s good for my site. But I usually don’t post unless I have something important to say.

    4) If I post a comment and the blog owner never approves/declines it, what happens to it? Is it just sitting there in limbo?


    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Kevin, its been over 9 months and only now I have found your comment. I am so so sorry – it was not my intention to let you wait that long. I had fallen off the bloggosphere for quite a while.
      Even though you have probably gotten answers to your questions by now, I would still like to answer them for you and the benefit of all my readers.
      1) and 2) – The creator of the KeywordLuv Plugin, Stephen Cronin, has written a fairly explanatory post about it here: KeywordLuv. You will find all your answers there.
      3) I think you always have a right to ask why a comment is not approved. It’s only fair!
      4) It depends what the blog owner does with it, really. Take your comment as an example (;-( sorry again!). I did nothing with it for the whole 9 months so it was sitting there in limbo. I had the option now to spam it, trash it or approve it. Anything I put into spam I eventually delete (by “emptying spam”), and really, trash I do the same. I think (correct me if I’m wrong) the difference between spam and trash is that once you spammed a comment, any comment that will come from the same address in the future will automatically go into spam the next time. Deleted comments are just gone. 🙁
      Kevin, I hope this has answered all your questions, and once again, I am terribly sorry about the super late reply.

  65. Julius from: hellokittybedding says:

    Hi Petra and congratulation! You made a right choice when you have started building important backlinks to your pages because it had an effective outcome. You jumped into good positions as well as your affiliate earnings have increased. It clearly shows that having good backlinks result to increase your traffic. That’s a big of help for the others who do the same like you.

  66. Cher Shives says:

    I agree that it is necessary to choose the right backlinks for the niche site…
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  67. Andrew says:

    I’ve heard of this before and never used it. But having seen actual stats (rather than just a long ad) I think more people will be inclined to take a look.

    Personally, I prefer a more organic approach to link building though through guest posting and link baiting etc.

  68. Rose Marie says:

    Very well said!yes Albert this blog id very informative,we all know that we learn something for today we are very glad to that but this post for me it’s making keep motivated in doing my work everyday.thanks for sharing.
    Rose Marie recently posted…Kids on Money MattersMy Profile

  69. Kathleen says:

    Nice to read of the actual results you obtained. Great job! I too have been slacking when it comes to my sites, and learning of Backlink Builder may get my rear in gear.

  70. James Hughes says:

    Hi Petra

    I have just stumbled across your blog
    And I’ve learnt some amazing stuff already.

    I’m going to keep a close eye on this.

    Great tips thanks.

    James Hughes recently posted…eBay mobile and desktop toolsMy Profile

  71. Thomas says:

    Backlinks can play a big role in business…Anyway, thank for the post here…this can help…
    Thomas recently posted…moving worriesMy Profile

  72. Andri says:

    Petra, backlink with good anchor text will definitely give more benefit to blog or post. Thanks for sharing.
    Andri recently posted…Keyword Density Posting dan Keyword Density Blog/WebsiteMy Profile

  73. Vins says:

    That’s really effective and Good SEO strategy, optimizing not only the homepage or a single keyword, but also the internal pages using your other keywords will definitely boost your traffic on search engines. By the way is your affiliate marketing website is clickbank? or CJ?
    Vins recently posted…Triglycerides DietMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Vins, I am monetizing my main affiliate site through ebay, Amazon, Shareasale, Art.com, and a few others.

  74. Dave says:

    Links seem to be important factor in rankings. I wonder how well those rankings are sticking in the long run. Would really like to see updates on those keywords later on.
    Dave recently posted…Suosituin sarjakuva lehtiMy Profile

  75. John says:

    Great post, Petra. Lots of new insight to work on for me.

  76. Link building is really one of the important parts of getting the ranking.

  77. bettyboop80 says:

    Hi Petra! So if you already made a blog on your niche site, the next thing you will do is to make backlinks on it? Approximately how many site do I have to enter to have a good result on my backlinking. After I post my blog, do I have to backlink it instantly?
    bettyboop80 recently posted…online gamesMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      You create a blog, start posting, and at the same time start building backlinks to your posts. If you have pages, start linking back to your page. There is no time limit or anything. There is also no “number” as to how many backlinks you have to have to rank well. It depends on your niche and keywords and the saturation of your niche.

  78. Caroline says:

    Wow, thanks very much, Petra! I haven’t started building links to anything but my home page yet — I’m new at this game and have a lot to learn, but your strategy makes sense. I hope all your keywords are still ranking well.
    Caroline recently posted…How To Steep Hibiscus TeaMy Profile

  79. Sonny says:

    We know you’re busy, but we hope you’re able to fire this blog up again…
    Sonny recently posted…Color Your Word with the Write UtensilsMy Profile

  80. cns949 says:

    This just proves that you don’t need to hire an expensive SEO company to get onto page 1 if your prepared to spend a little time and effort yourself
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  81. hannamay says:

    Hi Petra, Thanks for sharing a such informative post, hope to here more from you…
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  82. vilmar2 says:

    I agree with you. Link building is one of the tool to speed up your rank, and i have been doing that for quite a time already
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  83. Andy Clint says:

    Great job!!Congratulations!!
    Andy Clint recently posted…EHarmony QuestionsMy Profile

  84. melody says:

    Hi Petra, I think Link building will need a lots of time and patience..Thanks for sharing a such informative and very helpful blog post here..Hope we can hear more from you in future..
    melody recently posted…Cheapest Car Insurance QuotesMy Profile

  85. Ted says:

    Hey Petra,

    I have had very good luck in the past by building at least one backlink to every new page on a new website. I find that before long, all of the pages start ranking pretty darn well from the combined internal link power the builds from doing that over time.

    It takes a little bit of effort, but I think that the effort is well worth it when it is all said and done.
    Ted recently posted…How To Get Quality Links For Your WebsiteMy Profile

  86. Siti Ezekwesili says:

    Hi Petra! Thanks for that detailed demo. I am not a backlinking guru, so to speak, so I really appreciate posts like yours wherein I can learn a lot
    Siti Ezekwesili recently posted…plush angry birdsMy Profile

  87. Peter says:

    Building backlinks to pages other than the home page is like compound interest for your investments. It keeps giving more income as time passes. Many websites concentrate too much on the home page, when the real juice is coming from the other keywords throughout the content pages.
    Peter recently posted…Evil Mad Hatter Halloween CostumeMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Nice comparison, Peter! See, if you only concentrate on your main page, you will mainly get traffic from people looking for that keyword. But if you have more pages which are focused on different keywords, and you start backlinking to them, you will get a lot of increased traffic from those other keywords, too!

  88. Galt says:

    I agree with you Ms. Weiss. It doesn’t count, no matter how many links you build what matters most is the quality of the links. Its more on quality than quantity. We make sure that its high PR sites.
    Galt recently posted…Tinnitus VideoMy Profile

  89. Michelle says:

    For two years I’ve been plodding away at building niche sites and never really grasped just how important backlinking is. I did do it, and I did a fair bit of it but it was unfocussed and inconsistent… and obviously not enough!
    I love reading stories like this that get back to the nitty gritty… build sites with quality content and build links. Thank you 🙂

    • Petra Weiss says:

      One can lose the sight of the goal a little over time when doing tedious tasks like backlink building. But it has to be done, and it will all pay off in the end!

  90. Hi Petra!Thanks for adding me in your post.!Its nice to visit your site again.

  91. Helen Chris says:

    Great tips! Backlinks really a great factor to get a high PR..
    Helen Chris recently posted…Guide to Opening a Checking Account While on ChexSystemsMy Profile

  92. It is very encouraging when you see results like this. Building backlinks is tiring and most people give up they don’t see results asap!

    It’s a gradual process and seeing these results are encouraging!
    Barry Wheeler recently posted…Why Would You Use PLR Content?My Profile

  93. Christian says:

    getting the right backlinks to a site is so important and can really make or break a site which is why it is vital that this part is not overlooked. Really like the look of Backlink Builder
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  94. zacky says:

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  95. General says:

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  96. Link building is really a very important aspect for ranking in the search engine apart from the onpage. If a person can build quality backlinks to the page he is targeting he can easily outrank any of his competitors.
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  97. Danny says:

    Backlinks is the key to success in ranking. It is so difficult and time consuming so I guess using some kind of software system would be a good way to go.
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  98. Lynn Sanders says:

    That’s some impressive progress you’ve made. I did hear about backlinking to internal pages, but i never thought it would alter the results that much. It almost doubled your traffic! I guess i should also try it out soon.
    Lynn Sanders recently posted…Medical Assistant CertificationMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Lynn, absolutely! If you have more than one page or blog post, you should try to get visitors to all of them by optimizing them for other keywords, and building links to them. Really can do wonders for your traffic!

  99. Hodaka says:

    Hi Petra,

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    Good luck!
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    • Petra Weiss says:

      Alex, I am building maybe 5 links a day. That’s the most I have time for! 🙁 Also remember, they will not all be approved at the same time. I just don’t want to overdo it. One of my best linking strategies is also still to contact other website owners in the same or similar niches and simply do a link exchange. I monetize this blog with Google Adsense and a few links to products that I fully support and recommend, like WordPress Classroom.

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    • Petra Weiss says:

      Backlinks will always have more relevance if they come from a related niche, but if they are from a site that is not in your niche they still count!

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      No, the backlink builder does links from external sites to your website. But you can link to your pages with that, too. But not internal, purely external.

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    • Petra Weiss says:

      The backlinks will mainly come from high PR forums. You sign up and put your signature up with a backlink to your site.

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    • Petra Weiss says:

      There is no real number, just try and keep it looking natural. I think if you build a few links a day (like 3 or 4) it’s not looking too spammy.

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    • Petra Weiss says:

      I am sure that reciprocal links still “work”. If you exchange links with sites in the same or similar niche, they will definitely help with your SEO.

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      Hi Horacio, you are lucky that I reply to your post so late (I had not logged in into my blog for quite a few months, really!) – I have just discovered another backlinking service that I quite like – it’s called “Social Monkee” you should check it out. Also, I don’t know whether you have seen it, but one of the most reliable services I use to get my blogs out in the directories is Directory Maximizer – you can find a link in the sidebar of my blog.

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