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July 12, 2010 | By More

If you have been following me along you will know that I have – after many different approaches – finally settled on building niche websites as my way of earning money through the Internet. I have literally come full circle. In February/March 2008 I learned how to build my first niche website from absolute scratch, as a total beginner, and that site is, to this day, my biggest earner when it comes to making money as an Affiliate Marketer. It’s, of course, Beach Decor.

Now, when I say it is my biggest earner, that doesn’t mean much, really. I have been going along at an extremely slow pace over the past 2 years, if I can spend 1/2 hour a day on my Internet Marketing it’s already a lot (and that includes learning about new stuff!). So my site on Beach Decor still earns me around $150/month and has been doing so for the past year or so. But – earnings haven’t gone up. Unfortunately. Even though I have been doing a little bit of work on the site occasionally. Hm. Why?

Well, the thing is this: Pretty much all the time when I did my link building for the site, I concentrated on building backlinks to my home page. Every directory submission, every link exchange, most comments I left, I had them all pointing to my home page. Which is ok – I have been on page 1 of Google’s SERP’s for quite a while for my main keyword “Beach Theme Home Decor”, and am getting really steady traffic from it.

But at the same time I have forgotten about the other pages on my website, the pages that have also been built around specific keywords to be able to achieve good Google rankings in the SERP’s (what else do we do keyword research for???). So, here I have a website with a few pages centered around keywords that could potentially bring in a lot of traffic, but I have completely neglected building backlinks to those pages.

Because that is what a good Internet Marketer should do who takes care of his niche site: Build backlinks to all of his pages to get the most out of potential traffic.

I want to show you something; it is a few screenshots I have taken from my SEOQuake Toolbar to show you what kind of difference in links built back to my sites pages there is:

Backlinks To My Home Page

Backlinks To Home Page

Build Backlinks To "Tropical Home Decor"

Backlinks To Page "Tropical Home Decor"

Build Backlinks To "Lighthouse Home Decor"

Backlinks To Page "Lighthouse Home Decor"

(All these screen shots have been taken with the software “Jing” which I absolutely love it’s so easy to handle!)

As you can see, my home page has by far the most backlinks and thus ranks the best out of all my pages. Some of my pages have only 2 or 4 backlinks pointing directly to them, one or two might even have none! So it is no wonder that they do not rank for the keywords that I had originally designed them for…

So what I have decided to do now is to try and get the other pages of my site that is already doing ok to rank better by starting to build backlinks to them. Instead of building all the links to my home page, I will concentrate of getting backlinks to my internal pages, if possible with the anchor text being the actual keyword. This should, over time, increase the visibility of those pages in the SERP’s and start to bring in some extra search engine traffic through these keywords.

The reason for the earnings of my site not increasing in revenue is simply because there is only a certain number of people searching for “Beach Decor” or “Beach Theme Home Decor”, and I am getting all the traffic I can already from it. But I am not getting any traffic for my other keywords yet as they are not high up in the SERP’s yet, and that is due to the fact that I have very much neglected link building to those pages.

Building backlinks is a tedious process, especially if you do it yourself. But as boring it is, it is a vital – if not the most important – task if you want your websites to be successful and visible on the Internet. The more backlinks a site (or page 😉 ) has, the more value Google will put on it, generally, and the better it will rank.

So, even if it is one of the least exciting processes in the adventure of earning money online, I urge you not to forget your link building, especially also to any internal pages you might have within your website or blog, to reach it’s full potential.

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  1. I have been using Quake for awile now I love it. Back links are Key!

    • Sven says:

      The same here. It works really great. I have gained in the SERP with quite a lot of sites I have since I started using this plugin.

  2. Richard says:

    Petra, this is a great revelation. I think that it is very important to build PR from the inside out…meaning that by having good internal page rank you will naturally build the PR of your main pagebecause all of you internal pages are linked there.
    Richard recently posted…Earn 1000 An Hour With AdSense- Massive AdSense Success-My Profile

  3. Ian says:

    I have downloaded it
    it’s a great tool.
    The only problem is that it seems to slow browsing

  4. cameron says:

    SEO quake is a great seo tool. When you built your own site how did you do it? Did you use word-press? Depending on how you built it there could be a few things you can do to get it better optimized.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I have built all my sites with WordPress and host them through D9Hosting (great hosting company, you find them in the sidebar here on the blog). Only one site I built with XSitePro so far ( which I my site about Mens Watches.

      • Thanks and sorry for switching up handles. Which do you prefer on your blog?

        Regarding your XsitePro site do you like that way better than your other blogs. What made you do that site different.

        • Petra Weiss says:

          I just wanted to try out a different program and see how it works. I am quite happy with XSitePro, I only had an issue with adding Amazon Widgets to it. At the moment I am trying to figure out though how to change my header as I don’t really like it. I am a lot more familiar with WordPress. Apparently Google really likes sites done with XSitePro, they are very well structured right from the start and have great integrated site maps.
          One thing you can’t do with XSitePro is write blog posts. To do that you have to purchase another program that will add the option to your software. But if you only want to have a small niche site, you don’t need to run a blog.

  5. Wet Shaving says:

    Thanks for sharing, I really need to link build more for my site.
    Wet Shaving recently posted…Do You Like To ShaveMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing this overlooked step. I’ve actually been experiencing this same issue with my site, only with formal wear instead of beach wear. Hopefully your advice will help out.

  7. Great reminder to deep link our content. I find fresh linking to some pages or articles a little older will revitalise older content and throw it back into the mix. Great post, thanks.
    Terry Tiessen recently posted…New Video- How To Sponsor 10-30 Reps-Mo MLM Leadership TrainingMy Profile

  8. Jeremy says:

    Yes it is quite common for a site owner to concentrate mostly on building homepage links. Once the homepage is built up, it is relatively easy to get rankings for your internal pages. Those pages should at least already have a quality link from your homepage.

    By the way, your strategy of focusing on niche sites is a good one. If your beach decor site has coasted along that well, you should repeat the process for many other small niches. In time, maybe you could even pay a freelancer or two to help with the process.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Jeremy, I am already on Elance hiring out some of my writing for my articles and niche sites… 😉

      • Betty Walker says:

        Hmm…I might jsut have to go to elance after here. 😉

      • Jeremy says:

        Good to hear. Many people have problems hiring people to help them as they assume they can do everything themselves. Really, once you get help, then you can start doing serious business and actually expand. Plus most people usually have some type of work that they don’t like doing themselves. How many writers are you currently employing?

        • Petra Weiss says:

          Jeremy, I always only post one job on Elance, that’s it. So I only have one person writing some content for my beach blog or my mens wrist watches site. I would not have time to cope with more – because even if you don’t have to write any more, you will still have to add it all to your site or post it on Article sites.

        • Jeremy says:

          Totally understandable. If you want to keep quality up you need to keep things manageable. Some people expand too much and then never even read what their writers produce. Sometimes it does make sense to work on 2 or 3 projects concurrently though.

  9. As someone that is running a pretty niche site, this is great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Petra
    Most of us build links to our home page, which as you point out is not always what we want.
    Getting backlings to internal pages is something that I’ve neglected – thanks for the reminder.

    BTW – SEOQuake Toolbar looks good, is it free?
    Keith Davis recently posted…A splash of colourMy Profile

  11. Vance says:

    Hi Petra,

    I think that everybody will have most links pointing naturally at the home page and your post helps to bring attention to the other pages.

    Perhaps you could write a post on how you actually build links to the other pages. I know it’s a big subject but everybody talks about link building without showing how it should be done.

    I’m glad your beach decor site is doing so well and keeps on brining you steady earnings.

    That means you already know what can be done and can replicate it many times over.

    Vance recently posted…Succeed Online By Networking At Internet Marketing EventsMy Profile

  12. Lucas says:

    I like your theory, I have been trying to find a good way to make money online. I am freelance web designer and I have the advantage of being able to have any website or ecommerce site I need in order to promote products or services, but it seams that everything is already taken and the competition is way too large to even try.

    back links is indeed a must but it sure is a tedious job

  13. Joel says:

    Petra, First time here. Really worth regular visiting.

    I Usd SEOQuake Addon long ago. Honestly i didn’t like it because it slowdown speed quite alot while searching something. Don’t know if you hear about it or not but there is a nice tool (its paid but limited functional free trial is also available.) called SEOSpy Glass. Which helps quite a lot in searching new ideas about building backlinks.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Joel, haven’t heard of it, will have to check it out. Thanks!

      • Joel says:

        Sure Petra. If you really like it and willing to upgrade to pro version let me know. I can send a link to buy it with some discount. It won’t be affiliate link i assure. Just to help you.

  14. Tia says:

    I agree with the importance of deep link building. And I have been using SEO Quake (mainly just to highlight nofollow links) and the tool bar is cool. The nice thing is that you can disable it/enable it as well as nofollow highlight at weill.

    Keith – Yes, SEOQuake is free. I use it with Chrome.

    Tia recently posted…Two Cents Tuesday- Some Blogs Get Better with AgeMy Profile

  15. Thanks for such a great post! This will really help me. Backlinks are super important.
    Win Free Prizes recently posted…Welcome to Win Free Ipods and More!My Profile

  16. Ryan says:

    Building back links is definetly a must especially when you want to get ranked for many keywords. This also helps your viewers to find more relevant content. For example if the are searching for info on a giraffe and you have optimized everything to your front page and you have nothing on your front page about giraffes. your potential reader or customer could get frutrated and leave.

  17. James says:

    The screen shots you took were very helpful in understanding why I need to optimize for my other pages. I think a great idea is to have each page have certain keywords you are trying to optimize and then link build for those words on those pages. Does that make sense what do you guys think?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      You are absolutely right – and I have to amend my post a little to accommodate this. You should have several, not just one keyword which you use to link to your pages. You can use just one keyword to optimize your page (like on my website, one page is “Tropical Home Decor”, another is “Hawaiian Home Decor” etc.), but you should use several different anchor texts to link back to your page. This will make it look more natural, and the more natural your link building efforts look, the more Google will like you!

  18. Samir says:

    I agree absolutely with you. Unless you have links to all pages, the full power of SEO cannot be realized. Although some traffic might be received by the inner pages, the maximum potential would not be realized. A useful tip in this regard is using feed directories to get all your post pages linked from high PR pages.
    Samir recently posted…Wireless scroll mouseMy Profile

  19. Craig says:

    I’m going to get SEO quake tonight it looks very useful.
    Craig recently posted…Free Nicorette Mini Lozenge CVSMy Profile

  20. Jovit says:

    I remember SEO Quake was referred to me by a friend but I did not give attention to his advice that time. lol Anyway, I’d be looking forward to your post on how to effectively build links, Petra. I hope you don’t mind sharing some tips. Thanks!

  21. Eric says:

    As a newbie myself I often times find my backlinks only go to my header page. I forget to go deeper into my sites. So I loved how your last sentence is bolded and underlined to remind me what it takes to make a better site. Thanks for the support.

  22. Jason says:

    getting high quality links is very important, seeing as it’s the source of most traffic streams. but structuring your internal links within your site is as important as building external links. some actually disregard this process, but through my own experience, I’ve seen a lot of authority pages that solely depended with their internal links and not with external links pointing to their homepage.

    it’s best to get links pointing to all your important pages using your targeted keywords for each, and it’s also good to shoot for 5 – 10 other keywords for your “homepage” to have more targeted traffic your way.

    By the way, I’ve been using SEOQuake for months now, but there having problems with the google indexed pages, I think it’s because of the changes in Google’s algo recently. it’s a very powerful tool and I highly recommend it 🙂

    Jason recently posted…95-237 Unique Visitors Overnight – Without SEOMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Jason, I really appreciate your very valuable input here. You seem to know a lot about backlink building and SEO! – I did have the issue with SEOQuake, it did not show the Google indexed pages any more (it was all 0), so I went and googled “SEOQuake Goolge index not working” 😉 and found this page on SEOQuake’s blog: This should fix the problem!

      • Jason says:

        Thanks for sharing that link Petra 🙂 I’ve been wanting to fix that problem myself about a month ago, but since I’m also using other seo plugins, I didn’t bother to fix it (but I didn’t remove it, since its yahoo domain links feature is very helpful).

        By the way, I followed you on twitter. I really enjoyed most of your SEO entries here, a great resource for both new and seasoned online marketers 🙂

        Have a great week!

        Jason recently posted…How Professional SEOs Do Link BuildingMy Profile

  23. Jacinta says:

    Hi Petra,

    Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks!

    Very tedious task, however very very important!! I am only just starting to really understand the power of backlinking now after nearly 2 years learning online!

    I like the idea of SEO Quake I haven’t used that plugin for firefox yet. I have been using the ‘SEO for Firefox” plugin instead.

    Hope everything is going well. See you back here soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀
    Jacinta recently posted…The 100 Blog Comment Challenge Is On!My Profile

  24. mark says:

    Thank you for sharing this great information, this is going to help acheive my online goals!

  25. I’m having the same problem on my SEOQuake it wont show the Google indexed page and in order for me to see the index I have to click the Google index. Your right it good to have many backlinks but it wont matter if they are not quality links. Many linkbuilders tend to forget to do this part, all they do is spam there links. It will be one of the reason why it will hurt your site. Anyway I’ll try this quick fix on my SEOQuake.

  26. Cassy says:

    This is an amazing tool. Very, very helpful in seeing that you actually do have backlinks to your site. I also see that you are an affiliate for Brian G. Johnson’s Commission Ritual – that is AWESOME! I am a part of his Halloween Super Affiliate program right now and it is truly the best training/mentoring I have ever encountered.
    Cassy recently posted…Response cached until Tue 27 @ 11:30 GMT (Refreshes in 18.22 Hours)My Profile

  27. Jared says:

    Great post. I’ve recently realized how important internal linking actually is, and this post just reiterates that. Thanks a lot.

  28. Sharon says:

    I went to take a look at the Beach Decor site, it is very pretty and stylish.

  29. john says:

    i’ve been doing my own linkbuilding by hand and it’s killing me, decided to outsource it but i’m real nervous about getting ripped off.
    john recently posted…Steroid expert claims the majority of UG lab clenbuterol tabs are dangerously overdosedMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      John, I just replied to somebody else that
      Directory Maximizer is the directory submission service that I use and it’s great. They are reliable and cheap, and they allow linking to internal pages. You could check them out. It’s really worth it. It saves me a lot of time.

  30. Well, link building shows the popularity of the site but make sure that the back links you get should be good and should also be for long lasting so that the search engine such as Google also prefer your back links and so that your site gets a good popularity in the SERPs of the Google search engine…

  31. Scott says:

    The best, and easiest, method to gather links is to provide something on your website that people will want to link to, i.e., if you build bridges offer free bridge building plans, if you sell dessert products offer free recipes of products you don’t offer, if you provide a service write up a FAQ about your service, etc. You can also provide a service or product for free if they will provide a backlink to your site .

  32. Yamani says:

    Getting good quality backlinks is a lengthy process and can take several months–unless you want to utilize PayPerClick (Google’s AdWords) and then it can achieve almost immediate results but those results will end as soon as you quit paying so it’s a good idea to gather links at the same time.

  33. Mirella says:

    I feel getting backlinks is an ongoing process. Your backlinks need to be replenished each year because some sites along with their backlinks go offline. Your competitors are probably eagerly seeking more backlinks to outrank you so unless you actively seek more backlinks each year your rank may drop.

  34. Mike says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Quake. I am adding it ASAP. It will be a great tool.

  35. Scottaxelf78 says:

    Petra, you mention how important it is to direct traffic directly to an interior page. However, I know most directories and SE’s do not allow submissions of interior pages. What are some ways to get backlinks to these interior pages?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      1. Comment on other blogs who have dofollow enabled – you can then leave your page’s URL in the website field when commenting and gain a link back to your page.
      2. Create Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages etc. relating to your particular page and build backlinks there. Very effective!
      3. Commenting in forums and have a link to an internal page in your signature.

      Just to get you started! BTW,
      Directory Maximizer does do link submission to internal pages, and they are really cheap but very good. I love them and use them all the time. They also have a social bookmarking service which I haven’t tried yet.

  36. I use this tool and I highly recommend trying out this tool, but again the configuration does take some patience. I have a feeling this tool offers much more than I have been using already. Also as a side note the developers of this tool also created SEODigger and AdsSpy which are two other very useful SEO tools in our tool kit.

  37. Robert Nora says:

    Earlier I used to have SEOBook. Thank goodness the SeoQauke toolbar is very much like the tool bar from SEOBook. I really like most of the features on both of these. There are a couple of default features on the SeoQuake toolbar not found on SEOBook’s that are interesting, such as how many pages are indexed by Bing and the number of internal and external links are on a page.

  38. I think that it is very important to build PR from the inside out…meaning that by having good internal page rank you will naturally build the PR of your main pagebecause all of you internal pages are linked there.

  39. Spode says:

    Fully agree with your points here Petra. Backlinks from the niche website can play the major role in good website ranking in search engine and help to get huge amount of relevant traffic.

  40. Hi, your site back link structure is an important aspect of your search engine optimization and relates to the number and quality of the sites that link to your site.
    Attract website visitors recently posted…Tell Us About Your Small Business!My Profile

  41. Jean says:

    I can’t agree with you more. Building backlinks to internal pages is just as important to building backlinks to your home page and this is often ignored by many.
    Jean recently posted…Breville BJE510 900 Watts JuicerMy Profile

  42. Liz says:

    Hey Petra, it’s ideal to have as many pages on your site as you can get to rank well in the search engines, after all your internal pages are the ones that are probably the most targeted, whereas your home page is more of a general introduction.

    So if you want every internal page of your web site to rank well for its own keyword phrase, you will need to get inbound links to those individual web pages. A couple of good ways to do this is:

    1. When leaving blog comments use the URL field to link to the page on your blog or website that specifically relates to the topic of the post you are commenting on. Not all blogs allow this so you’ll have to try each one and see.

    2. Create a Squidoo lens with a sub topic from your site that links back to a specific page on your site.
    Liz recently posted…Find Affiliates to Promote your Product – It’s Easier Than You ThinkMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Great tips, Liz! I have a couple of Squidoo lenses pointing to my Tropical Home Decor page already, and it really works.

  43. I couldn’t agree more. SEO Quake is the bomb! the amount of information you can get simply by clicking a button is brilliant.

    Don’t forget to turn it off, when using Google et al, it goes crazy (and Google doesn’t like it).

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I am not exactly sure what you mean when you say to turn it off. Would you care to explain a little more? I have never turned it off, and I have never had problems.

  44. J Davis says:

    Great post! Deep linking is very important. Thanks for the insight on SEOQuake too! I am checking it out right now.
    J Davis recently posted…Super Hero CostumesMy Profile

  45. tiara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post… You’ve given me so much ideas and tips… I also have hard time on SEO quake, same through having the same thing as didn’t showing the Google index… but now I think I could fix that problem too… Thanks… Great Day…!!

  46. Thanks for some reminders, I totally agree that backlinks is one effective ways to maintain certain site. So glad to read about this post. be back for more informative readings.

  47. Trish says:

    I have found an easy way on how to show your google index if your SEOquake has some troubles. If your SEOquakes shows you 0 on your Google index page just try clicking 0 and it will go to a new tab or page then you will notice that it search the site and the search results will be your google index. You will see that under the search bar “About 213124 results in (0.9sec)” 213214 will be your google index.

  48. Bogdan says:

    Petra, what are your thoughts about Angela’s profiles for backlinks? Are they worthy?
    Kind regards,


    • Petra Weiss says:

      Bogdan, I think they are. Unfortunately I just have not had a lot of time to get much into it (with me it always seems to be a time factor), but if you head over to this blog: you will find great info on Angela’s Backlinks, because Peter has really used them and had good results.

  49. Sushie says:

    I agree that linkbuilding is very important for every websites, personnally, i take around 1 hours each day to build backlinks to some of my websites when i have time.

  50. Eddie scott says:

    Hi Petra – thanks for the great info on backlinks. I too am trying to build them up and always looking for new ways. Good lead on Quake.
    Eddie scott recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  51. Spode says:

    Fully agree with your points. Building back links is definitely a must especially when you want to get ranked for many keywords. This also helps your viewers to find more relevant content. Backlinks are essential as Seo’s point of view and also essential for site/blog success.

  52. jenny says:

    I totally agree that optimizing internal pages are very important in order to be fully successful in internet marketing. Kudos for a comprehensive discussion!
    jenny recently posted…Aug 12- Microsoft Small Business AccountingMy Profile

  53. Hazel says:

    If you are working too hard to get the links from other websites, you should be careful to make the most of your efforts. You should make sure that you are getting the links from the quality websites and that the links are really helping you to get more traffic and better ranking.

  54. This is so informative post its really so much usefull to me,I’ve never heard of them before, really interesting.I am really thankful to you guys for sharing this information with us….will be looking forward to more of those!!
    Search Engine Optimization recently posted…Whats New in 15My Profile

  55. Cheryl Jones says:


    I was wondering if you could please tell how to build backlinks to other pages. I did a short search on the subject, but so far have not come up wtih anything.


    Cheryl Jones recently posted…Thank you to my visitorsMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Cheryl –
      1. comment on other dofollow blogs, you can always leave a link to your site there, just put the link to one of your pages in there, not just the home page link.
      2. create Squidoo lenses or Hub Pages relating to the page within your site you want to backlink to, and then put a few links to the site in the lens or hub page.
      3. Be active on different forums where you can leave your signature. Make some of your forum signatures point to inner pages of your site.
      3. Use Directory Maximizer as submission service for linking to inner pages. They comment on their website
      “Do you submit inner pages or deep links? –
      Yes, we do submit inner pages or deep links. However, you must be warned that the average approval rate we’ve observed for such type of submissions are slightly lower in comparison to the homepage submissions.
      In addition, you can also submit your inner pages or deep links using our Paid Directory Submission Service, which can be accessed from the ‘My Account’ page, once you’ve logged in to your account with us.”

  56. Hi Petra!

    GRRRREAT post!

    I’m just in the process of building my sites and this information is SO valuable to to me.

    Building back links is a bit tedious, to say the least. Remembering to build links to all your pages is something for me to keep in mind as my sites expand.

    Thank you!

    Lesley “Wes” Klatt recently posted…Week 3- Generating TrafficMy Profile

  57. Sue McDonald says:

    Hi Petra

    It often takes a little while to know the direction we want to go. Sometimes it is a matter of trial an error. I know how important backlinks are but I enjoyed reading your post.

    A little about me – My name is Sue McDonald and I am a student of Mark Terrell and I am actually going through the course a second time – by invitation. I love it and know if I do all he says, I will be successful. I am Australian but the US is my second home as I have family there and visit quite often. This is why I started Internet Marketing so I can travel whenever I want and have the money to do what I want.

    Well I hope you are doing well and you become very successful. I would love you to come visit my blog and leave a comment.

    Kind regards

    Sue McDonald recently posted…Week 3 of the Newbies CourseMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Sue, how nice to meet you! I will sure go and check out your blog. Whereabouts in Australia do you come from?

  58. jhon says:

    You can earn a lot from your site if you go for quality back links and good contents. These two things are might and main for SEO/SEM
    jhon recently posted…Maigrir en Santé !My Profile

  59. Hey Petra

    I have just come for a visit to your site. How are you going?

    Yes it’s Mark and I am following my students as they post on other peoples blogs. They don’t know that I am always checking to see they are getting results. I am passionate about helping them achieve and then they are able to make some money online exactly the same as I am doing. It is not really difficult as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

    Keep up the good work.


    Mark * Coaching Newbies* Terrell recently posted…Coaching Newbies 20 LaunchMy Profile

  60. I agree with the importance of deep link building. And I have been using SEO Quake (mainly just to highlight nofollow links) and the tool bar is cool. The nice thing is that you can disable it/enable it as well as nofollow highlight at weill.

    Keith – Yes, SEOQuake is free. I use it with Chrome.
    Online Music Clubs recently posted…Online Music Clubs updated Mon Aug 9 2010 7-07 am CDTMy Profile

  61. Harrison says:

    Just found this site. Thanks for sharing all the great advice. I just launched a few Squidoo pages and I’m working on deep links this afternoon.

  62. Jenny says:

    So you really do need links to inner pages? I thought that building links to the home page would boost the site’s authority, and that would filter through accordingly. It’s harder than it looks this SEO business.

  63. You can also build backlinks by giving yours. Another way of saying help them to help you, community alway support each other.

  64. I liked that toolbay seoquake.

  65. Blog networks are by far my favorite way to move my site up in the search engines. However, you are bound to come across several of these networks when searching for how-to build backlinks.

  66. Donald Aish says:

    Hi, I am really interesting on the secret-weapon way in building backlinks. So here is the question: What if the article (that is going to submit) have been duplicated by someone else. Is the article still worth-to-submit? I mean, do I have pick another article or just submit it anyway. Thanks for your kind attention.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      You should really re-write the artickle if it has been published already. There is not much point in publishing the same article as somebody else, unless you really only want it to count as backlink and nothing else.

  67. D. Smith says:

    I just know that if you can build backlinks to your website, you will increase the amount of traffic to your site for no cost other than your time. Once you understand how backlinks work (also known as link building) you will see how easy it is to attract an endless flow of traffic to your site.

  68. SeoQuake is good… but personally I prefer another Firefox add-on called Site Information. It will also give you all of the backlink information plus other valuable information.

  69. Leann Preiss says:

    Wow didn’t even know such a thing existed. Maybe that’s my my site has such lousy traffic coming to it even after a few months.

    • Petra Weiss says:

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