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Best Password ManagerI cannot believe it has been since early December since I posted last. I have to admit that for the past 1/2 year or so I had a bit of a burn out happening. I just couldn’t get the energy back up to do all that needed doing (regarding my internet marketing) in the evening after the kids were finally in bed. Now I can feel that some of my interest and passion is returning and I hope to get right back into it in the next few months!

Today I wanted to let you know about the best password manager I have come across online. I only found it a few weeks ago, and I love it already.

When you get into internet or affiliate marketing, you will soon notice that you will very likely start signing up for many, many sites and services. Be it Affiliate programs, forums, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, article sites, squidoo, youtube  – you name it, you will sign up for it and need a user name and password.

Many people start out with writing their user names and passwords on pieces of paper (like me), or start writing up a notepad on the computer and just create one long (and usually disorderly) list of secret names and numbers. It can be hard to find what you need on that sometimes!

What an Internet Marketer really needs is a great password manager. One that remembers every single user name and password for you, no sweat. And Last Pass is exactly that (and no, this is not an affiliate link! 😉 )

Last Pass is literally the last password you will ever need! You will get one master password, and the program will remember all of  your user names and passwords for you, super easy. If you have a look at their home page, there are plenty of testimonials on there from enthusiastic users, and also some really good reviews from sites like, ZDNet Microsoft Report and PC World.

Now, I am not good at explaining any technical things or how exactly it works, but it does, and it’s brilliant! Oh – and did I mention that it’s free, too? I would suggest for you to just head over to their website, have a bit of a snoop around, and check it out!

Seriously, as Internet Marketer this is something you really need, and Last Pass is one of the best password managers you can get!

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  1. Hong Ng LastPAss | September 27, 2011
  1. Lynne Ivatt says:

    Hi Petra

    How are you? Long time no speak 🙂

    How much do I agree with you about last past though mnh let me think!! …. 1000%. I love it too! I was introuduced to it by the Backlink Battle plan guy 🙂 I love that it’s free and it’s also easier IMHO that robo form which I tried out but it was lost on me 🙂

    Anyway glad to see that you are still going strong hope that you haven’t been affected by teh problems in AUS too much 🙂 Very bad state of affairs!

    By for now
    Lynne Ivatt recently posted…Do You Know How to Really Cash in Big Time with WSO’sMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Lynne, great to hear from you!!!! And to see how well you are doing, having your own writing business now and all! (Yes, I went over to your site and had a little snoop 😉 ) I am thrilled that you have LastPass, too, and find it just as good as I do. It has made things a lot easier for me…
      We are thank God not affected by Floods or Cyclones here in Perth – but to see how Queensland is suffering at the moment is horrible. Cyclone Yasi had 295km strong winds, imagine that! Everything destroyed. We are praying for all the people over there.
      Thanks for getting in touch!! Till hopefully soon, Petra 🙂

      • Lynne Ivatt says:

        You are kidding 295km now that is a heck of a strong wind! I’m glad that you are ok where you are I have several friends in our business in Australia and thank goodness everyone lives in areas that are not affected.

        It’s going to take years to get back on track Petra for them 🙁

        Oh yes Lastpass it’s nice to find something so good going for free. Actually I wouldn’t mind paying but don’t tell them lol!
        Lynne Ivatt recently posted…My Floundering Days in IM Stopped The Day I Found Dennis!My Profile

  2. You are fully true its always difficult to keep all the password in safe place and sometime it get misplace. I would definitely check your above mentioned software. At present I’m using robo form for this task. Nice sharing with all Petra.

  3. Hi Petra, What a great invention. I really need something like this, thanks. Seb
    Portable Fire Pit recently posted…Portable Fire PitMy Profile

  4. Basam says:

    You have written after long time and introduced a new thing that is the need of time and that its best advantage is that it is free.

  5. Really useful and informative thanks for kept me updated.

  6. Simon Payne says:

    This utility will surely help me have fewer headaches now! I have a doc file with a password (to open & edit)..LOL… When opened it unfolds a 3 page list of my passwords. Then I need to find it and copy, paste. But I am not sure how Last Pass will help me in case where I need to change the password often, for e.g. passwords for my online trading A/c.
    Simon Payne recently posted…Start Blogging TodayMy Profile

  7. I use something like this installed on a flash drive for college so i dont have to remember the password for ever different station and lab, etc. Ill give this one a shot, thanks for the information.
    Trailers and Reviews recently posted…The Town ReviewMy Profile

  8. Ethan says:

    So true….. It is always so difficult to remember the passwords and username and after sometime we tend to forget and stop using the accounts or blogs or forum….
    I checked out the trial version… and its real impressive…

  9. Wu says:

    Sometimes even small and useful applications are only available on a trial period basis. It is refreshing to know that Lastpass is available for free. No more hassle of remembering & keying in passwords every time.

  10. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Petra
    12 and 14 digit passwords to beat the brute force attacks, but how can you remember them.

    I’m over to check out the Last Pass – I’ll let you know what I think of it.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Oscar Speeches and the 3 G’sMy Profile

  11. Netdivvy says:

    This is a promising software. I haven’t used any password manager, I usually put all my passwords and usernames on an Excel spreadsheet and do the search when I need to login to an account. LastPass could really make my life easier. Thanks for sharing this. Downloading it now.

  12. I totally agree Petra,

    I used to pull my hair out when I forgot my passwords. Since I started using a password manager, I am more productive. I am also able to use my password manager on all my computers so they sync up each time I log a new password. I highly recommend a password manager for anyone with more than a few log ins.

    Clay Franklin recently posted…iZigg Mobile Media 90210 – National Expansion – Sell Text MarketingMy Profile

  13. I have to find more about this password manager, it will surely make my life much easier with the amount of online activities I am involved in! I will also check online reviews on it. Great share!

  14. khaled says:

    I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as a password manager, but it sounds a very good idea at the moment I save everything in an excel document.
    khaled recently posted…How To Protect Your Jewellery Or Craft DesignsMy Profile

  15. Sonika says:

    Really needed something like this….awesome invention:)

  16. Daniel says:

    Hey Petra, I just stumbled upon your blog and thought to say hello and also thank you for this info. The password manager tool, I find, is sort of a bank locker(or rather password locker)…lol! I will definitely try it out and give you my feedback in my next comment.
    Daniel recently posted…The Art of Appointment Setting – Chapter 3 Lead Generation – Pitch-Script-Call Guide DevelopmentMy Profile

  17. Jake says:

    While I think Last Pass is an innovative idea, I have to wonder how they guard against the possibility of someone using your computer and obtaining access to your accounts. Personally, I do not see myself using Last Pass, since I just store all of my information on a word document, and it works quite well for me. We will have to see how Last Pass flourishes, since I am not quite convinced about how successful their business model will prove to be.

  18. Sean Radovic says:

    You know its such a relief to know that you can sign up as many sites as u want without the fear of forgetting the password and username…. Its like freedom to sign up.. 🙂

  19. Cristian says:

    Hi Petra,

    I always have 15 characters password, letters and numbers – that’s the best way to keep the account safe. Also, I always write my passwords down on a sheet of paper and in my agenda, it is very important to remember the passwords and try to create a different password for every sign-up. This Password Manager will save me a lot of time, thanks to you, I didn’t believe in these ‘password managers’ but now I do trust them and going to use this one. Thank you very much for sharing this, it’s a lot easier now, hehe.

    Best regards,

    Cristian recently posted…Jocuri 3dMy Profile

  20. Ethnoring says:

    I’m glad you’re posting again! Also check out IRPW Manager, it’s a good one.
    Ethnoring recently posted…Re- MarchMy Profile

  21. Thanks for sharing that Petra! I use Roboform’s password manager, but it can get tricky sometimes.

    My personal blog was hacked a few weeks ago, another terrible service from Godaddy’s hosting service, and now I’m thinking of getting into new height of online security. I’ve started with my database backups a few days back, perhaps this is a good next step. Will do check Last Pass out.
    Lauren Bennett recently posted…LG LZ9700My Profile

  22. nurun naby says:

    Thanks petra nice post, I didnt know about password manager.

  23. Potenspiller says:

    I use Clipperz and I generally like it. But I’ve been looking for a new password manager (nothing wrong with Clipperz, just wanted to start using something different) and I have to say Keepass looks pretty good. Think I’m going to try it out and see if I like it better.
    I must say I did try Sxipper and hated it. Just never clicked with it.

  24. Nancy Thomas says:

    nice post, amazing am like it.

    Thanks for this

  25. What a great idea. That would and could have saved me tons and tons of paper as you can never ever remember all the logins and passwords.
    Gosh I wish this had been about 10 years ago I could have saved many trees!!!!!

  26. Website says:

    Sounds like something I should be using. Thank you for the article and the link. I have just subscribed and look forward to more useful posts.

  27. I’ve heard of them before but I ain’t too comfortable with the whole idea of storing my usernames and passwords on their own servers instead of my computer.
    Udegbunam Chukwudi recently posted…Official List Of Authentic BlackBerry Dealers In NigeriaMy Profile

  28. Chris says:

    i’ve been looking for a good password manager as could do with a bit more security in storing my details as opposed to good old paper records. This looks pretty decent
    Chris recently posted…Ryanair Glasgow to London flightsMy Profile

  29. Dave says:

    I never type my password. Just using one all in one software to help me fill it.

  30. Lyn says:

    We used lastpass in our office to access accounts. In this way,.it could prevent an access to those accounts outside the office.

  31. friv says:

    Best Password Manager is a simple notebook, IMHO.

  32. Floria says:

    This is an awesome tip and an awesome tool! I have so many usernames and passwords that it was driving me crazy. I have them saved in a notepad file but now I’m going to use this. It’s convenient and it’s safer in case you get hacked or something. Thanks!

  33. Allen Cooper says:

    Password Manager is a fairly secure password manager that creates strong encrypted passwords with the integrated password generator. While it can be effective password management software, to learn it effectively you have to read the user manual. Although it does have many of the same features as other applications, it does not compare with the quality and usability of our top software

  34. lily says:

    Thank you for telling us about this, I have a lot of passwords and to be honest I use the same one often with only slight variations which is not good. I will be looking at last pass now.
    lily recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  35. Hi Petra
    Great to hear that you are fighting your way back- I indeed know the feeling where your inner doubt gets the better of you. it simply drains you and every little task seems impossible to solve.

    I am also a student of alex, and just wanted to see your blog.

    Tina Lindgren recently posted…Are You a opportunity seeker or an entrepreneurMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Tina, thanks for stopping by! I will check out your blog also 😉 I have long since stopped with Alex’s program as I do find that listbuilding is not really for me.

  36. Rohan says:

    I completely agree with you on Last Pass.It has got a good rating from Cnet as well.I have downloaded it and used it.It is extremely easy to use and manage all your passwords easily.
    Rohan recently posted…Reverse Phone Lookup- What Is Exactly Reverse Phone LookupMy Profile

  37. tony says:

    Just the type of thing ive been looking for. This Password Manager will save me a lot of hassle and worry, thanks for recommending it
    tony recently posted…Why Ryanair flights to Tenerife South Airport are easy to findMy Profile

  38. Ed says:

    Sounds like something I should be using. Im forever forgetting my passwords
    Ed recently posted…Using Shop Vac Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners EffectivelyMy Profile

  39. Christine says:

    It sounds like a great idea…but I have a lot of trouble trusting a site with all my passwords. What kind of protection do they use to keep these safe? What would happen if a hacker were able to get in?

  40. Ryan says:

    I’ve been using Last Pass for several months now and absolutely love it. I can’t imagine working my way around the hundreds of sites that I use a password without it.
    Ryan recently posted…Google Installs Inductive Charging StationMy Profile

  41. Vlad says:

    Good to see you back Petra. I will certainly take a look at Last Pass because i really need a good password manager.
    Vlad recently posted…Fast Audio Converter 17 SharewareMy Profile

  42. Krissy says:

    I’m SO glad I stumbled on to this. I wish I had found it a long time ago. Thanks for all the useful information.

  43. jason says:

    I sure need this, I have about 20 passwords and never seem to remember the right one
    jason recently posted…A Video Of Proper Technique- Pre 20 Rep SquatMy Profile

  44. Magssno says:

    Like you I have passwords on bits of paper everywhere and when I REALLY need on you can bet I can’t find it.

    Password manager sounds like a great solution – and its free (I like Free! lol)
    Magssno recently posted…Improving Diet For Persons With GoutMy Profile

  45. Glennda says:

    @ friv:
    You have seen it? If it’s a simple notebook, then how come people here are going for it?

    my blog :

  46. Art says:

    Hi Petra, I’m scared of these password managers because all it takes is one untrustworthy employee or one opportunistic hacker. For that reason I have a system for my passwords which works so I don’t need to write or record them anywhere, yet I can still have a different password for each site. Welcome back by the way!

  47. Hi Petra, you are really working very nice on internet marketing. I think that you have given beast best tool for busy online marketing workers. Thanks!

  48. poker donk says:

    Really needed something like this….awesome invention:)
    poker donk recently posted…Gus Hansen erholt sich wiederMy Profile

  49. I personally find that Firefox is great for all my password storage, I mean obviously the top security webpages need further management, but 99% of my password entry is online anyway so Firefox is cool.

  50. Ned Carey says:

    Thanks for the tip. I hate passwords. Sites that have no reason to have any security measures often require them.

    Every site has their own requirements for what the password should be, so that you can’t use one for all. That means keeping a record which puts them at risk of being found by a hacker.

    So I will check it out, I am tired of keeping track of so many passwords.
    Ned Carey recently posted…Flipping Houses Is EasyMy Profile

  51. Fascinating post… I’ve been checking your blog out for a while and I truly like what you have achieved with it.

  52. dude says:

    I`m not sure – it good idea use any programms for manage your passwords. Developers of it may take access to it …

  53. I Use the same password to all my accounts, so I think that i need this manager
    Necesito dinero urgente recently posted…¿Necesitas Dinero UrgenteMy Profile

    • Petra Weiss says:

      It is quite dangerous to use the same password over and over again – somebody just needs to get hold of the one password and suddenly can access all your accounts… Something to think about.

  54. Pedro Deya says:

    Am just starting doing Internet Marketing stuff and was told by a friend that I’d need something like this, so thanks for the recommendation – I’ll head over to Last Pass and try the free version. And nice site, btw!

  55. Nabil says:

    Personally, I prefer to save all my passwords in a word document and encrypt it and then store the encrypted file in a truecrypt volume. Lastpass maybe more convenient though but I have a knack for remembering my passwords. 😀

  56. Princy says:

    Password manager is effective for me. Most online users are not aware that such a tool exists.

  57. Sachi says:

    Hi Petra, you are really working very nice on internet marketing.

  58. Sanchi says:

    Good to see you back Petra. I will certainly take a look at Last Pass because i really need a good password manager.

  59. tom says:

    interesting information about pass manager,thanks

  60. Smith says:

    This toll is very helpful for those bloggers that have more than one blog. It makes the blogger tension free.
    Smith recently posted…Steam showers steam saunas steam cabins steam showerMy Profile

  61. J Edward says:

    Password manager is handy tool to save all of your password in it. I often forget my passwords if i didn’t visit a site for long, then a password manger helps me to enter the correct password.

  62. Trevor says:

    I personally use Roboform which I find great. Would be nice if they had a version for Firefox for the Mac not just Safari but even with that it’s still fantastic. You can also sync it with a USB key etc which is useful as a backup.

  63. This is really true Sometimes is always so difficult to remember the passwords and username and after sometime we tend to forget and stop using the accounts or blogs or forum….

  64. Patrick says:

    Some days back I read a blog which said that you should never have a common password to all your accounts because there are chances of your password being hacked. So I changed all my passwords for all the accounts. But I was finding it very difficult to remember all of them. So I had made a note of it and had pasted it in my cupboard. But it was uneasy to always check my passwords. Last Pass was the solution to my problem. Petra thank you so much for sharing such valuable info with us.

  65. Realy the best solution to hide my passwords!

  66. Joseph says:

    Hi Petra, I was really excited to use the Last Pass Application. But when I tried using this application it showed an error on the page. Sometimes it shows error on the page and sometimes the page just goes blank. I have not even entered a lot of passwords in to it thinking that it might get over loaded and then might not accept to create a file for my passwords. Why is this happening, Can you please help.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Joseph, I don’t know what’s happening with your LastPass application, mine has worked perfectly from day 1. Maybe you can uninstall and reinstall it? Anybody else out there knows what’s going on?

  67. simon says:

    Petra, there is something wrong with the installation part of it. Because once even I had faced the same issue. But then I got it re-installed again and now last pass is working great. Ask him to shut down his computer after it is re- installed. This issue generally happens when the software does not accept the kind of format the computer uses.

  68. Bianca says:

    I had saved all my passwords in my computer as well as I had written all of them in my personal diary. But my brother sometimes irritates me a lot. He checks my diary and keeps changing all my passwords. He does this only to get some money out of my pocket so that he can enjoy his weekend well with his friends. One day when I read your blog I was so damn happy and went crazy. So now I got the way to save all my passwords even from my brother and now I even end up saving good amount of money every month 🙂 Last Pass is really amazing.

  69. Super Mario says:

    Really good program to keep passwords.

  70. Jordan Xiong says:

    I haven’t yet used the Last Pass application and so I don’t know much about it. Till now I have been using Robo Form for storing all my important user names and passwords. I have not experienced it but I think it’s never too late to get a switch onto some other software so that whenever you have some problem with one software at least you will have a back up with some other application. It’s always good to be safe.

  71. Managing and securing a record of all your confidential usernames and passwords is not easy. I say this because its not possible to remember all of them if you have a long list. So you need to note it down somewhere so that you do not get confused and do not lose any of them. Last Pass is such an application which will help you to store all the usernames and passwords with total protection.

  72. Usman says:

    Lastpass is good but I have a collection of 24 password managers. I didn’t add Lastpass in the collection but thanks to you now it’s added 🙂
    Usman recently posted…5 Free Portable Password ManagersMy Profile

  73. General says:

    Its so nice to Read your Informative Info about the password Manager. and also it is so helpful to us. Its really Interesting to know about that. Thank you to your Useful and Informative Info about the Password Manager Petra. and I’m Looking Forward to your next Article. 🙂
    General recently posted…haagise rentMy Profile

  74. Lynn Sanders says:

    Just what i needed, thank you Petra!
    My notebook is full of usernames and passwords, it’s getting close to impossible to even find them in there. This is where my paranoia led.
    Lynn Sanders recently posted…Medical Assistant CertificationMy Profile

  75. Terry says:

    Sometimes no matter how good passwords you use, you still have the risk of loosing them or the fear of it getting hacked. It’s better to secure all your passwords before it is too late. Last Pass is very safe to use and it is very secure as it helps in keeping all your data confidential. It’s the most secured password protector till date.

  76. Jody says:

    There are some software’s which protects not only the passwords but also photos, videos, personal information, credit card data, tax returns and any other files using the encryption format. Password protectors protect your photos, movies, documents or any other files using 256bit encryption. This is a multipurpose protector and helps in maintaining privacy at the top level. Most of the people use this software.

  77. Jack says:

    I really appreciate your efforts Petra. Password is such a relief for me as now I am rest assured that all my usernames and passwords are in safe hands. Before I had maintained a diary in which I used to write all my passwords but now I don’t need to carry that diary to office anymore. Also the threat of loosing my diary does not exist anymore as I have all of them saved on my computer with complete security.

  78. Jonathan says:

    I am very upset on myself for the act I have performed. I have cleared all my browsing history and also just because my PC was getting every time I used it I had to format my computer. All my data is lost. Not even the Last Pass application that I had installed is left. I should have first noted down all my passwords and then should have formatted. I have to start from the scratch now.

  79. Thanks for the advice on the password manager, its really helpful with everyday use.

  80. Vins says:

    Roboform is what I’m using both for web links and desktop applications and it was really great, easy to use and not consume too much memory.

  81. NardaLindsey says:

    I have been using the Lastpass for my password manager for a years now and I am trully satisfied a full secret password keeper indeed.
    NardaLindsey recently posted…Start forex tradingMy Profile

  82. Romy says:

    OOhh.. passwords.. it was a nightmare to remember all the passwords I use, since I started this internet marketing stuff..

    but My favorite software is Roboform. works very well.. at least I am very pleased with it.

    Didn’t try LastPass… Don’t know if I heard of it, but to be honest I don;t think it is better then roboform. That’s my opinion
    Romy recently posted…Authority Pro 2.0 ReviewMy Profile

  83. It’s nice to see you after long time, well nice post and really helpful password manager, thanks for share it.

  84. kim says:

    Sounds great this software can secure the files so that no one can copy all the stuff you have done.

  85. Murray says:

    Very essential application now. We are using multiple sites from social networking to education. So its really hard or have more chances to loose or forget password. An application like this will certainly very useful.
    Murray recently posted…HomeMy Profile

  86. Ryan says:

    Thanks for this article. I know it’s dated, but Last Pass is still a great idea for a password manager – definitely useful for any persons doing online marketing.

  87. jenilia says:


    i accept your your password and user name maintain issues, but simply i maintaining separate xl sheet for those details. Very useful for me that sheet.

  88. Keith says:

    Yes, I am using LastPass too. Password Manager has become an essential for us today. I can’t seems to remember so many passwords either.
    Keith recently posted…What Happens If We Are Over 85 In Age And Living Without Life Insurance?My Profile

  89. Migisi says:

    Its really useful information and even everybody want to make their own password as the strong key.
    Your article is really nice i think its the best way of making to create the best password-manager.
    Its nice information and thanks for sharing.

  90. Sunit says:

    I’ve been using last pass for the past month now and absolutely loving it. not turning back for anything
    Sunit recently posted…Movenpick SundaysMy Profile

  91. Ravi says:

    Features seems quite nice. Thanks for telling us about it. I have been using RoboForm for over 3 years. It is an awesome software that can remember logins and details for every account I have ever used. I have never experienced any kind of problem or bug using it. It is the solution when you need multiple logins for one account. The best thing about it is ease of use and it is easy to edit.
    Ravi recently posted…Hello From Globay Hr ConsultantsMy Profile

  92. Jim says:

    I forgot my user password.This information very helpful.Thanks

  93. Azam says:

    As number of my sites are increasing so it is difficult for me to keep in my mind all of the passwords.So this tool is very helpful for me to keep on track all of my work and to be distraction free.
    Azam recently posted…Being a Sales Rep for Silpada DesignsMy Profile

  94. This is a really good idea.
    Good books to read recently posted…Tom CarverMy Profile

  95. Jeo says:

    The best thing about password manager is the ability to create a strong password for different sites. Most password managers have the function to generate a password for you so you don’t have to come up with a strong password on your own which saves time and energy.

  96. kremil says:

    Seriously, your idea can also be used by bloggers not only by Affiliate Marketer. And thanks a lot for this idea, it would make all easy to access any blog accounts.
    kremil recently posted…Canada AMEX Bank of Canada BranchesMy Profile

  97. As for me, Evernote is the best password manager, I can use it everywhere, on mobile, pc, laptop and it is the fastest way to write down passwords.

  98. Rida Ali says:

    I have read your article.Such a nice and informative post.I think its a best way of making to create best password manager. thanks for sharing.

  99. Fliper says:

    I have to admit. I only use my browser settings to remember the username and password of my different accounts. And it is not safe if someone use my pc. This program is right for me.
    Fliper recently posted…Zaito FlipTop Lines vs AbraMy Profile

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