About Petra

Celebrating 40 glorious years!

Celebrating 40 glorious years!

Hi, my name is Petra Weiss and I am a German through and through! So please don’t take it too seriously if there are sentences in a funny grammar or anything like that…. there are certain expressions in the English language which I might never get used to.

Since 1997 I have been living in Australia. The first 7 years I lived in Alice Springs (in the centre of Australia, Ayers Rock) with my partner, and in 2004 we made the move to Perth, Western Australia. We love the ocean, so it was a move worth while!

We have 2 beautiful children, which have so far prevented me from going after “regular” work again. We continue to run 2 busy food retail stores in Alice Springs, which is quite a challenge from so far away (about 3000 km’s). My partner is looking after the day to day running of the stores, and I run the office and am in the process of learning Bookkeeping.

I have never been really satisfied with operating the 2 food stores as it is really “not my cup of tea”, they basically came with my partner when we got to know each other. But in September last year I was more than ready to try something on my own again, and I decided to look into Internet Marketing and earning money from home. Boy, was I in for an (expensive) ride!

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have learned an incredible amount over the past year, and I absolutely LOVE the whole aspect of it. It’s just, I have made a lot of rash (and wrong) decisions over the time which have cost me a lot of money and haven’t really made much in return. I was one of those really gullible, naive people who believe everything they are told. I was an Internet Marketers dream, I have probably made some millionaires (haha!). I have bought and tried many programs, and read a ton of ebooks, and finally it has started to all come together.

petra-march-09With this site I want to provide new and “stuck” Internet Marketers with some insight into what worked and didn’t work for me, and what I have learned along the way. I want to share tips, tricks and useful information that can make the Internet Marketers life easier and more successful. I also want to share new info, programs and tutorials on themes I come across and find to be of great use.

I would never recommend anything I have not tried myself, and I will only speak highly of the programs that I believe to be of immense value. :)

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